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Best Blowout Tips from Hairstylist Michael Dueñas

Having the perfect blowout can instantly make you feel more beautiful. That's why Susan Yara met up with Garnier Celebrity Stylist Michael Dueñas to get his best blowout tips so you can master the look at home. Watch this video to see all the tips, plus the best tools and some Garnier products you need. Liked this video? Watch these: Get Long Hair: https://youtu.be/mpKtJfhNpp0 Clip-In Hair Extensions: https://youtu.be/OjI7Ws2rnk0 Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/MixedMakeupChannel SUBSCRIBE Mixed Makeup: https://www.youtube.com/MixedMakeupCh... Susan Yara: https://www.youtube.com/SusanYara FOLLOW Mixed Makeup: https://instagram.com/mixedmakeup/ Susan Yara: https://instagram.com/susanyara/ Michael Dueñas: https://www.instagram.com/michaelduenas/

10 hair care tips for dry hair - how to get healthy shiny hair | PEACHY

Hey guys! Today I m sharing my hair care routine with you in the form of 10 essential tips for healthy shiny hair:-) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ▷SUBSCRIBE to my channel for a new video every week! www.youtube.com/peachylovesyou ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ▷OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE ⋆ Victoria's Secret bombshell hairstyle tutorial https://youtu.be/MXLmqeh4efI ⋆ Liquid lipstick hacks - 5 mistakes you' re probably making https://youtu.be/xl9v08Lcb04 ⋆ Kylie lip kits Matte vs Velvet vs Metal - Which nudes work best? https://youtu.be/x5124bwo1gg ⋆ Top 10 beauty hacks every girl should know https://youtu.be/Ucvb8MaafMg ⋆ Best ever drugstore mascara https://youtu.be/uc6AnlwR8J8 ⋆ Lazy people hair hacks https://youtu.be/XJCvaMzYuFE ⋆ Valentines Day Hacks 2018: https://youtu.be/0MiCZEJC62k ▷ SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter ‣ www.twitter.com/realdamnpeachy Instagram ‣ www.instagram.com/realdamnpeachy Facebook ‣ www.facebook.com/peachyofficial MUSIC Hoved - No Love Myra Granberg - Only 17 EQUIPMENT USED ⋆ Camera: Canon 70d http://a.co/e23HMTQ ⋆ Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X Disclaimer ‣ This video is NOT sponsored by any of the brands mentioned throughout this video. ignore this part: How to get healthy shiny hair how to get healthy hair how to get shiny hair 10 hair care tips hair tips for thick dry hair hair care tips for dry hair top 10 hair care tips top 10 tips for healthy hair

5 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar in Your Beauty Routine | Beauty with Susan Yara

Beauty and wellness experts rave about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. While there are tons of ways to use it for your wellness, you can use it in your beauty routine too. From a DIY face mask to makeup brush cleaner, we rounded up our favorite ways to use it. Watch this video to learn more! If you liked this video, watch these: Best Baby Powder Tips: https://youtu.be/47vUQENn8W0 Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks: https://youtu.be/Iw9loq2iZKg SUBSCRIBE to Mixed Makeup! https://www.youtube.com/mixedmakeupchannel FOLLOW: Susan Yara: https://instagram.com/susanyara Mixed Makeup: https://instagram.com/mixedmakeup Visit our blog: www.MixedMakeup.com Thanks for watching!

Living Proof No Frizz Demonstrations

What makes Living Proof's No Frizz different from other products with silicone and oil? The secret is PolyfluoroEster, a new technology that creates a weightless, micro-thin shield that protects against humidity and dirt. See for yourself!

Natural Curly Hair Routine (non-damaging/cgm)

Easy Curly Hair! This Curly Hair Routine is non damaging to your hair. Wash & Go Curly Hair FINALLY!!! Its my new easy natural curly/wavy hair routine that I use to style my hair every day. I have used this simple technique for the last 8 months and it transformed my hair from dry and frizzy hair that I had to straighten every day.... to healthy looking wash & go curls! Co-washing ALL THE WAY!!! Follow me on Instagram: @CurlySusie17 Facebook (NEW): Curly Susie E-mail: Curlysusie17@gmail.com Intro Music: Instrumental original music written & recorded by Scary Pockets (used with permission) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-2JUs_G21BrJ0efehwGkUw Products Used: GEL - https://www.sallybeauty.com/biotera-alcohol-free-defining-gel/BIOTRA17,default,pd.html Biotera Website: https://www.naturellepro.com/biotera Conditioner -(does contain mineral oil) https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/down-under-naturals-coconut-splash-weightless-moisture-conditioner/6000191918138

Frizzy hair is the worst, especially after you take the time and effort to style your hair just the way you want it. But don't worry, we've got tips to help you get smooth, silky hair. We rounded up all the best frizzy hair tips and products you need to know in this video with Susan Yara.

CORRECTION: It's been brought to our attention that Oribe Gold Lust does contain silicone. A great silicone-free alternative is Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine: http://bit.ly/2917xZd

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