Learn ALL Japanese Particles in 1 Hour - Basic Japanese Grammar

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1100 useful phrases in Japanese for conversation

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Learn All about Japanese Culture in 30 Minutes!

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RUDE Japanese Words You Use Without Knowing + What You Should Say Instead

Speak Japanese with a native ^.^ http://go.italki.com/japaneseammo (You'll get 10$ in credits by clicking the link.) In this lesson we'll learn words & phrases you should avoid. There are LOTS of words that learners use but are actually RUDE / CRINGEY in Japanese. If you learn Japanese just using dictionaries, Google Translate and textbooks, you end up sounding RUDE AND WEIRD D: Do you know how to say these things in Japanese PROPERLY?: - I love you. (Phrase you get from the Google Translate is NOOOO!) - I'm happy to be your friend. - Thank you. (Arigatou is rude!) - Lots of ways to say the word "you" - "Well done" (yoku dekimashita - looking down at someone) - Imperative (e.g. たべろ!いけ!) vs Request form (e.g. たべて!いって!) - How to SWEAR / Japanese Swear Words - I feel bad. (Does かわいそう mean "it LOOKS cute"???) and MUCH MORE ★ P.S. Japanese can be very different depending on the region. What I'm teaching is the standard (hyoujungo) Japanese that's used in Tokyo / Kanto region. ^^ ★★Want longer lessons? ★★ Support me on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/japaneseammo ★★Do you want to learn Japanese from ANIME? Watch this!!★★ https://youtu.be/5zafsjXCmx4 Hope you enjoy it! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and LIKE the videos :) ★Twitter lessons★ https://twitter.com/japaneseammo Instagram @japaneseammo_misa https://www.instagram.com/japaneseammo_misa/ Read more articles on the grammar - http://www.japaneseammo.com/

Learn Japanese While Sleeping - ALL Basic Phrases You Need

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Learn Japanese grammar for beginners with JapanesePod101.com!

With this series, you'll learn all about Japanese particles such as は (wa), が (ga), を (o).... and how to use them properly. You'll be writing and speaking in Japanese in no time!

Particles are a very important part of the Japanese language. The particles used in a sentence give us critical information about the meaning. So if the wrong particles are used, the whole meaning of the sentence could change. That's why it's very important to know how to use the different particles in Japanese.

You've decided to start learning Japanese, so let's get you on the path to fluency! If you are a beginner this video is made for you. This video will help you progress in your Japanese study. This is THE place to take your Japanese to the next level!

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