On trouve des armures qui bougent😨😨 - The last guardian #3 💀

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Gerçek Dostluk - The Last Guardian #1

Yıllardır çıkmasını beklediğim The Last Guardian (Son Muhafız) sonunda çıkış yaptı. Playstation Exclusive (özel) olduğunu söylememe gerek yok sanırım. Bir çocuk ile dev bir hayvanın dostluğunu, hayatta kalma mücadelesini anlatan bu güzel hikayeye tam çözüm yapmayı düşünüyorum. Şimdiden duygular şelale olacak, kimi yerde gülecek kimi yerde de ağlayacağız gibi geliyor bana. Gerçek hayatta da hayvanları çok severim. Umuyorum mutlu son ile biten bir hikaye olur. :) Herkese iyi seyirler. The Last Guardin için Türkçe olarak yaptığım tam çözüm videolarımın tamamını bu oynatma listesinden izleyebilirsiniz: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9DSMewQk_-nCnCDot8ELfAlHq7U034qA

The Last Guardian All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p HD

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaI7Y3X0T9M Follow GLP on Instagram: http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und Follow GLP on Twitter! http://twitter.com/glittlep Like GLP on Facebook! http://facebook.com/gLpLayground The Last Guardian's story is framed as a flashback narrative told by an older man recounting his experience as a young boy meeting a giant, feathered creature, resembling a griffin, named Trico. MY THOUGHTS ON THE GAME: I think if this game would have come out when it was suppose to, it could have been a masterpiece. But now? It still a good and enjoyable game, but there's something lacking. In many ways it feels like the ultimate inidie game. We're so use to games like Limbo, Bound and Inside being the standard for puzzle platformers now, that it's easy to forget how well ICO did it 15 years ago. The controls are simple, and the game doesn't hold your hand through anything. It's up to you to figure it all out, and find the way forward through your own intuition. All that is fun, but where it gets frustrating is the controls. The young boy you play as feels clunky and even unresponsive at times. He seems to have only two speeds: softly treading and wildly moving forward. Perhaps that's what the developers were going for; to make the boy as clumsy as a real young boy woud be. But the controls cause a lot of unintentional movements and falls. Trico can be just as frustrating. There were times were I was trying to get him into a position to get through a puzzle but he just wouldn't do it, and it made me decide that that must not be the right way. Only after 20 minutes of trying to find a different path did Trico finally go to the original positiong I was looking for. All these frustrations detract from the overall experience. But that's not to say the game is bad. When it's working, it feels great. The storytelling is extremely subtle. It's told through the interactions and gameplay, as opposed to bombarding you with cutscenes. There are some great emotional moments in the game that will resonate with players. The environmental puzzles are creative and satisfying. The game is also lengthy, it'll take people somewhere between 10-12 hours to beat. Graphics don't make a game, but it is worth noting that the graphics aren't top notch. The color looks washed out. And no matter what we did with the in-game screen brightness, the color wouldn't change. It's a strage contrast as it feels they went with a realstic look to Trico and a more anime style with the boy. Trico looks amazing though. His fur animation is excellent. But again, the graphics is worth noting since that was one of the big buzz factors when it was first revealed in 2007. It seems to have been downgraded since then. All in all, if you like puzzle platformers, it's definitely a game worth playing. The story is excellent if you allow yourself to be immersed int he world. At a $60 price point, it's not for everyone. If it were a $40 or even $50 game I would give the game an 8 or and 8.5 for the value, but at full price, I give this game a 7.5/10 Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV - https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j

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The Last Guardian: UN CHEF D’ŒUVRE? OÙ ÇA? (Epic Test)

The Last Guardian est-il vraiment le chef d'oeuvre que l'on nous vend? L'attente en valait-il à ce point la peine? Qu'est ce qu'un chef d'oeuvre finalement? Qu'est ce que l'art? Quel est le sens de la vie? Pourquoi 42? Laissez un commentaire et posez un pouce! Ça m'aidera à savoir ce qui vous plait et ce qu'il faut que j'arrête définitivement! ►La Playlist : https://goo.gl/M2b428 *Rectification : The Witcher 3 n'est pas l'exemple le plus récent, de long développement puisqu'il a été développé en 4 ans et non 7 ans, maladresse de ma part. ►Combien de temps m'a pris cette vidéo? Brouillons : 5h l Ecriture : 5h l Enregistrement & Mixage : 2h l Montage 7h l Mise en ligne & communication : 1h Soit 20h de travail pour 10min de vidéo =) (UN FUCKING RECORD!! 2H/min! Ce qui veut dire j'ai bossé sur d'autres vidéo en parallèle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) ♣ Me soutenir sur Tipeee : https://www.tipeee.com/jean-baptiste-show ♦ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Jeanbaptisteshow/ ♦ Twitter : https://twitter.com/JBS_Ibonek ♦ En live ici : https://twitch.tv/jeanbaptisteshow ♥ L'appli pour ne rater aucun live twitch : .Chrome: https://goo.gl/CdndpR .FireFox: https://goo.gl/mlBQoX (Merci à Niiinnjaa) ♥ Boutique : http://shop.spreadshirt.fr/jeanbaptisteshow/hommes ♫ Musique : OST de The Last Guardian ♫ Musique de fin de Aetheriel


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