Lets learn the Chamorro language of Guam part 6 Chamorro Belly Good Food

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Guam (America's Forgotten Colonies, Part 2/3)

America's Forgotten Colonies: American Samoa, Guam & Saipan. Part 1 American Samoa https://youtu.be/9vit2Myiwro Part 2 Guam https://youtu.be/fCTB1XoAeFU Part 3 Saipan https://youtu.be/JkyKcs-QvJA This is part two of the documentary on American Samoa. We explore the history, the legend of the two lovers, taotaomo’na spirits, the Chamorro people, Fr Duenas, Shoichi Yokoi and more. Part 1 is on American Samoa and Part 3 Saipan. It was the result of 6 months of planning, two weeks of travelling and filming, and a month of editing. Shot on Panasonic GH5, Sony Action Cam, and DJI Mavic Pro. All 4K. Music Laumei ma Malie (Turtle and Shark, ancient Samoan song) Performed by Senovefa Gaea Bartley Feels Like Home By Immersive Music Shutterstock Music Canada ULC Driven to Explore By Tiny Music Shutterstock Music Canada ULC In Search of Wisdom By Tiny Music Shutterstock Music Canada ULC A Glow By Dan Phillipson Shutterstock Music Canada ULC Widescreen Nature By Tiny Music Shutterstock Music Canada ULC Full credits after final part of film. For licensing footage please contact La Mancha Media. La Mancha Media Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved www.lamanchamedia.org

Guam: Why America's Most Isolated Territory Exists

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I Manmofo'na: the Latte stone

"I Manmofo'na" is a Chamorro term meaning those who came first. the Latte stones are stone Megaliths of the Marianas islands that the ancient Chamorro people built before the arrival of Magellan and other Spanish/ European Seafarers. This documentary, released on television may 7, 2014, is a first in a series that covers the first stone builders and other ancient mysteries of the Marianas Archipelago.

Chamorro - Candy Taman - Tropicsette-Chamolinian Medley (Live)

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best of chamorro words with caleb

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