PREVIA EVENT 2018 - Previa Haircare Spain

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How to create retro curls

Achieve this classic 1940's look, loved by celebrities on the red carpet. John Frieda® stylist Jake Davis Robinson shows you how to create this timeless, sexy style using rollers, tongs. Visit the John Frieda® UK Facebook page for more:

Aarón Blanco - Escuela de Maquillaje Profesional en Elche

Video promocional para la Escuela de Maquillaje Profesional "Aaron Blanco" de Elche, Alicante. Realizado por J. Alfaro - entre los meses de Agosto 2013 y Febrero 2014.

Individual Eyelash Extensions application

Video by BeautyHealthTravel channel on YouTube. Learn how to apply eyelashes; you will need: individual eyelashes, eyelash glue (black), tweezers, eye pads or collagen treatment eye pads that are used in the video. The are area needs to be clean of makeup when applying eyelashes. Use tweezers to grab an individual eyelash, immerse the half of the eyelash in black glue, separate the natural eyelashes with the use of the tweezers; apply the artificial eyelash to the natural eyelash and make sure to position the eyelash point up. The glue dries very fast. Individual eyelashes will stay on the eyes for up to two weeks, but it also depends on what growing stage is the particular hair that it is attached to. The natural eyelashes live for 2 weeks and are fallen out giving way to a new growing eyelash. If the artificial eyelash is applied to the newly born eyelash, then it will stay for 2 weeks, but if the natural eyelash is a week old, the artificial eyelash extension on that particular hair will last for a week; so it all depends. You can go to eyelash retouches every 2 weeks, or earlier, if you have the time and money. This video tutorial for individual eyelash extensions is for cosmetologists, beauty school students, salon and spa professionals, estheticians and skin care therapists. Guest artist: Hiroko, model; May, Video by BeautyHealthTravel channel on YouTube

Escuela de Maquillaje - Aarón Blanco 2015

Vídeo realizado para la Escuela de Maquillaje Aarón Blanco de Elche, Alicante para su promoción durante y después de la feria de Maquillaje y Cosmética Jesal Extetic 2015.

Bodypaint - Aarón Blanco Make Up Studio - 2018

Making of del Bodypaint realizado por Aarón Blanco Make Up Studio. Vídeo, edición y fotografía: Joaquín Alfaro

El pasado 28 de octubre de 2018 tuvo lugar en Madrid el "PREVIA EVENT". Un evento dirigido a clientes de Previa Haircare. Durante la cita tuvo lugar la presentación de la colección "ESSENCE" del Previa Artistic Team formado por Raúl Santana, Inma Pulido y Pablo Domene, la entrega de los premios Creative Talent Award, la formación a cargo de Ismael De Mora y el show-presentación de BHAUS Barcelona de la mano de Laura Betato.

Vídeo y edición: Joaquín Alfaro -

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