The Last Guardian

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Shadow of the Colossus (dunkview)

Shadow of the Colossus, released in Japan as Herby and the Big Mans, is an action-adventure game developed by SIE Japan Studio and Team Ico, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.

Dunk Souls III

It's not even me playing either it's my little brother so it's not my fault

Cute Robot Game

Kill them all.

MGSV : Gun Eater

In Metal Gear Solid 2 Ocelot throws the entire story out the window. Also, for some fucking reason Ocelot glued liquids arm on and now his arm mind controls him. It also changes his voice actor to the one for liquid, this confuses snake so much that his head literally explodes. Now that Snake is dead forever. You have to play as gay raiden, a big stupid crybaby losers who doesn't even smoke. This time you have to infilitrate a remote military compound called Metal Moses, which was captured by a group of genetically enhanced genome super-soilders. Raiden fights a magic vampire wizard then the wizards head pops off to reveal that he was actually solid snikes brother solidus snake, a super-cell-nano-con-mega-soilder cloned from the same nanomachines that created Solid Gear. Also he is is the president of the united states. "Brother, I am the KING OF THE PIRATES". Turns out Gas Snake is the leader of a deadcell nano-centro-processor duonamic simbafu group called The Sons of the Guns of the Patroits. tm You see it turns out that everything so far was completely staged and fake. Liquid Snake was never the true ring leader at all, but was answering to Solidus Snake the entire time who was the biggest bad guy of them all. But then he gets double crossed by Ocelot who is actually Liquid who was actually a quadruple agent the whole time. and the biggest most evil bad guy of them all. But Smetal Snake saw it coming all along and reveals that he is actually a proxy ai created by the patriots 1000 years ago, but Solidus reveals that Rayden has information that is being carried by the nanomachines in raydens cerebral cortex. You see shitty rayden is actualy a robot this whole time, working for le-lu-li-lo-la-la-low and the patriots but he didnt even know it because of the matrix. So Rayden chops of doctor octopus's head off and becomes the president of the united states, but Solid snake was alive all along and goes back in time to the 1960s so he can blow up Metal Gear Solid before it was even created. Unfortnuately he was too late, Ocelot also went back in time and shot metal gear ron into the the future with his future gun. so metal gear snake has to shoot back into the future but now its so many years future hes old as shit, even though hes died from old age he has to defeat a group of renegade genome super-soilders known as the Sons of Foxhound. Liquid Ocelot who is now being mind controlled by 30 different double-agents through his left leg, turns off all the guns in the world so that nobody can ever shoot anybody ever again, in turn saving the entire world. So snake beats him to death. the end *guest starring big boss* Big Boss : very convincing, but all completely wrong, you see snake turns out everything that ever happened was fake and staged by the super-patriots, the patriots were just a pawn and a reverse-triple agent working for solidus snake, but when he found out they were working for him he double crossed his own self in order to make himself work for them to trick them into being a triple reverse agent for his own self. hewas also a rogue proxy ai and a nanomachine you see snake shadow moses wasn't a remote nuclear warhead facility at all, it was actually a humongous on switch for the biggest metal gear in the world, metal gear herman. A metal gear so powerful that is so powerful that everything in the entire universe is not even existing anymore. You see snake Liquid Ocelot was actually my mother. It all started when i was in office as the president of the c united states i discovered remnants of an ancient-nanograde-genome-supercon-simbafudrive--metal-gear which was a quintrople agent working for every country in the universe - on the moon. he was also a rogue-ai and the leader of the super patriots.

The Last Straw

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