Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow from Hasbro

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World's LARGEST SUPER SOAKER!! (not clickbait)

Introducing the Guinness World Record Largest Super Soaker evaa at 7 ft long!! This could definitely shoot Ralphie's eye out. Learn more about your actual DNA from 23andMe here: Bob's Video- Thanks to Nathan for the High Speed camera. If you need a High Speed camera to rent for super cheap check him out. Insanely low prices for great gear- Grant Thompson from the King of Random made a version himself. Mine is WAAAY longer by an inch though: Shout out to my buddy Ken Glazebrook of NASA JPL fame for his significant help on designing and fabricating the gun. Dani does prop work and made the gun look as amazing as it does- More info on Super Soaker inventor Lonnie Johnson- Link to our CAD files and build lists (BUT SERIOUSLY 2,400 PSI IS BASICALLY A BOMB. WE TOOK A LOT OF PRECAUTIONS NOT SHOWN HERE SO ONLY ATTEMPT THIS IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO ATTEND YOUR FUNERAL BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE TO TRAVEL): MUSIC- 0:27- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday - 1:02- Time to be Sad- Andrew Applepie- 2:15- Berlin- Andrew Applepie- 6:35- Frisbee- Andrew Applepie- 8:44- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak- Summary: I made the world's largest Super Soaker as a follow up to my World's Largest Nerf Gun. It shoots at 2,400 psi and 243 mph. I destroy a bunch of stuff in slow motion and talk to the inventor of the Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson. PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING: ****************************************­ I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last: CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!/MarkRober INSTAGRAM:

NERF GUN GAME | SUPER SOAKER EDITION 2.0 (Nerf First Person Shooter)

Another epic Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Gun Game but with Nerf Super Soakers or water guns! First player to go through all 14 weapons wins the battle! Behind the Scenes! COMING SOON The Blasters for Super Soaker Gun Game 2! Buy the blasters in the video here! Mike's Channel! MERCH 👕 2ND CHANNEL 🎮 INSTAGRAM 📷 FACEBOOK 📘 TWITTER 🐦 NERF FORTNITE! #1 Shotgun Noobs #2 Real Life LLama #3 Infinity Gauntlet #4 Shopping Carts Battle NERF WARFARE PLAYLIST! Campaign 2.0 Rival Gun Game Non Nerf Gun Game Gun Game 8.0 Nerf meets PUBG: Campaign: Gun Game 7.0: Modded Mayhem Gun Game: Gun Game 6.0: NERF OPS PLAYLIST! Team Deathmatch: Free For All: Gun Game 1.0: Gun Game 2.0: Gun Game 3.0: Gun Game 4.0: Gun Game 5.0: One in The Chamber: Zombies: Zombies 2.0: Star Wars: Sticks and Stones: Thanks for watching! Aaron :)

Nerf Vs BoomCo - NERF Modulus Fights For The Final Kit Kat!

Using the multi part monster that is the 2015 NERF Modulus, WZ tries to stop daddy from snacking on the last Kit Kat in the house! Featured blasters in the video. - NERF Modulus And ALL it's parts! - NERF Rebelle Mini Mischief - BoomCo BreakFlip - BoomCo Rapid Madness - BoomCo Mad Slammer

Card Throwing Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow is a two-in-one Nerf blaster. Torpedo blaster that shoots foam missiles and a water blaster in the shape of a bow.

Product Info: The Nerf Super Soaker Tidal Torpedo Bow is a two-in-one Nerf blaster. There's a torpedo blaster that shoots foam missiles and a water blaster in the shape of a bow.




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