Amazon Fire TV Cube - The Ups and Downs

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Amazon Fire TV Cube. Is It Worth It? Alexa, Are You Listening?

Amazon Fire TV Cube. Is It Worth It? Today we look at the Amazon Fire TV Cube.It's runs about $119.99 and a good device if you have other Alexa connected devices. It gives you the hands free option to control those devices as well as your TV viewing experience. If you don't have any Alexa connected devices I would just stick with the Fire TV, as it give you the same viewing options as the cube without the voice control. Amazon Fire TV Cube: EQUIPMENT USED IN VIDEO: FIFINE K085 Mic: PowerDeWise Lav Mic iPhone 7P : Lighting Softboxes: FIFINE Wireless Lav Mic (K031): Micro USB OTG Cable : USB to Lightning plug: #donin5 #amazonfiretvcube

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There is no perfect Home Theater device, I guess that is why I am always looking forward to testing out new things and hoping the next one will stick. When it comes to the Fire TV Cube, it is truly a neat device, but still has some lack of imagination. You can't just take 2 products you have already made and slap them together and say you created something new. With that said, there are some things that the Fire TV Cube does well, and I can say that it works as advertised.

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