Fighting Games - A Genre that Keeps Struggling

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Analysis: The Controllers Used to Win Evo

Subscribe! Support us on Patreon! People have been winning Evo with all sorts of different controllers, but what's the reason for all this controller diversity? Follow us on Twitter: @CoreAGaming or Facebook: Quality arcade sticks and parts at In Seoul? Like fighting games? Go here: BGM in order: SF3 3rd Strike - Oro & Sean Stage SF3 3rd Strike - Makoto Theme SFA3 - Karin Theme SFA3 - Cammy Theme SFA2 Gold - Nash Theme

Rise of the Dragon Ball Fighting Games! History of Dragon Ball Games Part 2

Rise of the Dragon Ball Fighting Games! Welcome back to the Complete History and Evolution of the Dragon Ball Games. This is Part 2 of our series, where fighting games began. 💗 Subscribe for daily anime game videos! Anime games are our passion. We can only do this thanks to your support! ⭐️ Become a sponsor: And gain access to our Sponsor Discord server: Or donate through Super Chat 💰 during livestreams Thank you so much! Voiced by Luis "Globku" Martins Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound

The Forgotten History of Reboot

A recent thread on r/AskReddit/ asked: "Which fanbase has been betrayed the most?" Sitting near the top with a couple thousand upvotes, is the 90's 3D cartoon show, Reboot. After this, I've got nothing else to say. You can watch all of Reboot here for free: Editing: Solidus113, Woolie Thumbnail: @TheCielBomb Special Thanks: Woolie Versus: Season 2 Vergil, waifus, and stands are real.

Things of Beauty: Super Smash Bros. as Spectator Sport

patreon: tumblr: twitter: transcript: audio: Bibliography This comic was a major inspiration for this video: On why there aren't more women playing Melee: The Kotaku piece on competitive gaming: Chris DeLeon on rules in sports vs. games: Forrest Smith's Smash charts: Daigo vs. Justin Wong: The Smash Brothers documentary: Quake speedrun: Half-Life 2 speedrun: Siglemic's Mario 64 speedruns: aMSa vs. Mew2King at KoC4: Axe vs. Silent Wolf: The year is 20XX, everyone plays Fox: Chuck Klosterman on football and the read option:

Goku VS Street Fighter 2

#gokuvsstreetfighter Captured and edited by Nabil Ayari (Video Editor and Filmmaker) Demo/Showreel: Release date: September 3, 2015 Goku was coded by Cybaster and sprited by Balthazar for MUGEN. Watch Goku VS Super Heroes: Watch Super Street Fighter 2: Fatalities: Watch Super Mario Slug X 1: Watch Super Mario Slug X 2: Facebook ► Twitter ► You can support us and our work via Paypal:¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donate_SM%2egif%3aNonHosted

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Fighting Games - A Genre that Keeps Struggling

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