Inside the Homes of the Biggest Drug Kingpins

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Most BRILLIANT Robberies Ever!

Check out the most brilliant robberies ever! This list of top 10 intelligent criminals did some mind blowing bank robberies! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "AMAZING Animal Superpowers!" video here: Watch our "Most TERRIFYING Sea Monsters Ever!" video here: Watch our "Most DANGEROUS Beaches In The World!" video here: 9: Antwerp Diamond Heist 8: The French Vacuum Gang 7: The Banco Central Tunnel 6: Gardner Museum Art Theft 5: The Harry Winston Heist 4: D.B. Cooper 3: Al Capone 2: Albert Spaggiari 1: Frank William Abagnale Jr.

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The Dumbest Lottery Winners Ever!

Wonder who the dumbest lottery winners are? Learn all about the most fortunate people in the world and how they squandered away the millions of dollars they won! Subscribe to Pablito’s Way! New videos Monday, Tuesday, and Friday! New to Pablito's Way? Start here! Watch some of my favorite vids below….. Most Insane Mayweather Moments! WEIRDEST Things Ever Found in Animals! 9 of the WORST diseases EVER! Assassinations That CHANGED the World! The Hottest Female Athletes! 11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather! Here are the dumbest lottery winners in history! Here are the dumbest lottery winners in history! 6- Abraham Shakespeare The fact that someone with the last name Shakespeare would live a modern day tragedy, is perhaps, one of the best ironies imaginable, however unfortunate. Unlike the more famous Shakespeare, Abraham was toiling as a truck driver’s assistant. But when he won a THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR Florida jackpot in 2006, his life actually got even worse. Rather than doing the math and deep diving into discounted cash flows, Shakespeare decided he was smart and could beat the guaranteed rate presented to him and instead opted for a lump sum of $16.9 million, significantly less than the $30 million annuity he was entitled to. Never mind the fact that he’s a truck driver and if he was actually good at finance he’d be in the industry. ANYWAYS, after buying a Rolex and making major mistake #1 with $1 million home, Shakespeare didn’t seem to go on any drug binges, or spending sprees. But like many before him, he had tons of people coming around asking for money. In particular, he started a business with a woman named Dee Dee Morgan called Abraham Shakespeare LLC, with the goal of writing his life story...or something vague like that. Just a tip guys, you have to have accomplished something in life to sell an interesting story…...not just win the lottery. What ended up happening was that Moore took full control of the firm’s money, withdrawing $1 million from the bank, buying cars and may have even managed to buy Shakespeare’s home for something like $665,000...which is less than he paid for it. A later investigation suggested she didn’t even pay anything for the house...which is way more of a ripoff! Oh yeah, tip #2. Never ever ever ever let someone else control your actual money! I don’t care if it’s your wife or husband. Unsecured liabilities, such as a company credit card with a fixed limit? Sure. But not your actual cash money. By April of 2009 he went missing, with his friends and family unable to find any trace of him. Investigators were soon able to locate him at one of Moore’s homes...sadly he was bread and buried under a concrete slab. Moore was arrested and charged with the killing, though she offered up a few different defenses. It was drug wait she killed him in self defense...she even went so far as to blame her 14-year old son. Investigators didn’t buy any of that, and she was charged with the crime. She’s currently serving a life sentence. His story was featured on E!’s “The Curse of the Lottery” as well as an episode of American Greed. In the end, Abraham Shakespeare will be a tragedy that will hopefully serve as a cautionary tale for those who happen upon a great fortune in the future. 5 - Vivian Nicholson In 1961, a British woman named Vivian Nicholson was given the opportunity of a lifetime. Her husband Keith managed to win more than 3.5 million pounds, a pretty big amount back then factoring in inflation. Her husband won the money off football pools….pretty much another popular form of gambling. She told the press that her plans were to “spend spend spend.” And she wasn’t kidding. For the next few years she bought all kinds of stuff. Expensive cars, fur coats, lavish vacations, a huge ranch style home and a spectacular lifestyle that quickly caused their fortune to dwindle. When Keith flied in car crash in 1965 she was left with an enormous tax bill. On the top of that, the banks determined that what remained of Keith’s winnings belonged to his estate...not Viv! She ended up bankrupt.

Most POWERFUL Pistols In The World!

Check out the most powerful pistols in the world! This top 10 list of best and strongest revolvers and other handguns has some of the craziest weapons that currently exist! Subscribe to World5List: Check out our "Superpowers You Can Get RIGHT NOW!" video at: Check out our "6 Places More Mysterious Than The Bermuda Triangle...?" video at: Check out our "8 Bizarre Things People Found in Their Pool" video at: 6. Desert Eagle This semi-automatic handgun contains the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol. The Desert Eagle was designed by Magnum Research, Inc. and is known for its regular appearance in movies, television shows, and video games. 5. Smith & Wesson .500 When it comes to lethal handguns, the 50-caliber Smith and Wesson 500 takes the cake. Known as the “mack daddy of revolvers,” its stopping power is such that the gun surpasses the caliber necessary for practical use. In fact, the 500’s killing power has been equated with that of high-powered rifles. To give you an idea, rounds fire at speeds of up to 2,075 feet per second. 4. Smith and Wesson XVR 460 Magnum Introduced in 2005, the Smith and Wesson XVR 460 Magnum is a large bore five-shot, single-action/double action revolver. Chambered for the .460 Smith and Wesson Magnum Cartridge, the 460 Magnum is rumored to be the most powerful 45-caliber handgun on Earth. 3. Smith and Wesson Model 29 Not surprisingly, the master of handguns makes our list of the world’s most powerful pistols for a third time. The Smith and Wesson Model 29 Classic is built on the philosophy that if something isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. 2. Marlin BFR Manufactured by Magnum Research, the Marlin BFR is also known as the Magnum Research BFR. While BFR was originally an acronym intended to stand for “big frame revolver,” many people have appropriately redesignated it to stand for “big f’ing revolver.” 1. Thompson Center Contender G2 Like the Marlin BFR, the Thompson Center Contender G2 is compatible with the .47-50 Government rifle cartridge. You can also use a .44 magnum slug or a .410 shotgun shell with the break-action single-shot pistol, which has parts that are interchangeable with its “big brother,” a Thompson Center hunting rifle.

Here we take a look inside drug kingpin’s homes! These luxurious mansions are stunning and make you want to live a luxurious and rich life in one of these houses.

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