Workout Monster? Old Tattooed Bodybuilder | Motivational Video 2018

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10 Most Incredible Old Age Grandpa Bodybuilders over 60-70 Years

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Yuri Boyka - Crazy Training

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Les Meilleurs coiffeurs du monde ♦Des maquillages et des coiffures incroyables #18

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Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger - 2018 Workout At 71 Years Old (Motivation)

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This extraordinary 53 year old Dutch man may look like a serious badass but Juan Rekers does some very special fitness training for people with mental illness. He said: "When you grow older your body will change, decrease of Testosteron and an increase of estrogen damages your body! Less power, bigger belly and on and on! Besides, fitness keeps your balance in body and mind.



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