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Dockin D Fine - Unboxing and first impressions...

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Here Comes the Sound Comparison between the JBL Xtreme and Dockin D Fine speaker that you all requested for.This is a Binaural Recording. Listen with headphones. JBL Xtreme - Dockin D Fine - Ultimate Ezekielo BingeFest - Subscribe for more cool Tech - Find me Online twitter : instagram : facebook : Tumblr : For Business Inquiries email : MUSIC USED - Track 1 - Disfigure - Hollah! [NCS Release] Track 2 - Krys Talk - Fly Away (Mendum Remix) [NCS Release] SoundCloud Intro music by Nick nimmin Background Music by rare - Pure ft. Zeina [Majestic Color]

JBL Flip 4 vs Dockin D Fine - SOUND COMPARISON

Are you Curious to Know How the New JBL Flip 4 sounds when compared to the Awesome Dockin D Fine Speaker which cost the same price? Then Grab your Headphones and Listen. JBL Flip 4 - Dockin D Fine - Ultimate Ezekielo BingeFest - Find me Online twitter : instagram : facebook : Tumblr : For Business Inquiries email : MUSIC USED - Track 1 - SirensCeol - Coming Home [NCS Release] Track 2 - Disfigure - Hollah! [NCS Release]

Acemile Theater Box Review

This is a fairly in-depth review of the Acemile Theater Box. Get it on Amazon Here's the written review: The speaker arrived nicely packaged and presentation was great. My first impression was how hefty the speaker was, it's a bit of a tank. This could be construed as a pro or a con. Generally, heavy, robust speakers are better sounding than lighter ones (and this one sounds great), however, lighter speakers are nice when it comes to portability and that's what you sometimes expect with a Bluetooth speaker. I'm fine with the weight - I'll always chose sound quality over portability. I charged up the unit and after 60 minutes or so it was ready to go, and pairing my phone via the NFC tag was a snap. I wanted to see how the 3D sound worked so I was quick to plug it into my TV and throw on a movie and give it a spin. The included 3.5mm extension cable was a bit shorter than anticipated, but worked as expected. The Q3D Holophony sound took a minute to get used (automatically activates at volume level 14), but after some time I was used to it and the 3D/surround sound effect was great. You can pan your body from left to right in front of the TV and the left/right sound channels don't fade as much as with the TV speakers and it does sound a little like the sound is following you. One suggestion to the manufacturer: INCLUDE A REMOTE! Bummer having to get up and go to the TV console every time I wanted to adjust the volume while we were watching movies. The 3D effect is a bit weird when listening to music though, similar to the simulated surround sound some devices offer, but different... It's better for sure, but like listening to video it did take getting used to. I really do wish this option could be turned on/off manually. Aside from getting used to the 3D effect, the sound is amazing! Nice low bass, crisp highs and smooth mid tones. Nothing sounds muddied and there's no distortion at high volume, even playing bass heavy music. Some people may want a little more bass, but I like the levels as produced by this speaker just fine. I compared this to a Bose SoundLink Mini and the Boombox by Beats and I liked the sound the Theater Box produced most, especially for watching videos. The controls work well and I like the capacitive buttons. One drawback is the lights only activate when you touch a button, kind of ruins the point of having lit up buttons if you have a touch it to light it up, to see it, to touch it... lol The overall build quality is seems to be great. Smooth simi-gloss dark gray finish up top, black grills cover all four sides with a soft touch bottom that keeps the speaker from sliding around. My unit did arrive with a small protrusion on the front grill, it was bowed out just a bit and I couldn't press it back into place. I'd guess this is a one off occurrence and I'm sure I could of exchanged it for a new speaker, just didn't feel the need to. Outside of this small blemish the speaker looks and feels great. All-in-all the speaker is fantastic. Awesome sound, great build quality and it looks really sharp. Add the option to turn off the 3D effect and include a remote and it could be the best speaker in it's price range available. Please note I received a sample for review.

JBL XTREME 2 - " Low Frequency Mode/50K Bass Test" [EXPLODED BASS THANKS TO AC MODE?!]

WARNING THIS WILL BREAK YOUR SPEAKER'S NEVER USE AC AND LOW FREQ TOGHETER!!!!! CHECK JBL XTREME 2 ON AMAZON!!: check out my partners/sponsor buy trough link helps me out a lot (can make Giveaways happen!!;)) AMAZON US: AMAZON DE (ships benelux too) : GEARBEST: ALIEXPRESS: BANGGOOD: TOMTOP: PureVPN : make sure to check me on social media and if you like to see me grow or improve Check out Techder webshop👌 Thanks for watching

DOCKIN D FINE 50W Stereo Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker - Lautsprecher mit Exzellentem Sound, starkem Akku für 10 Stunden Musikwiedergabe & PowerBank, Staub- und Wassergeschützt

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