Moto x4 unboxing / Great deal for under £200!!

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Moto X4 LCD Screen Repair Guide

This video shows how to replace the LCD Screen of Moto X4. You can also get the blog for Moto X4 screen replacement at Get original LCD Screen for Moto X4 at Get full and original replacement parts for Moto X4 at In this video I'll show you how to replace the broken screen of Moto X4. Trouble about the crack screen display? Does your Moto X4 LCD Screen got crack when accidentally drop? Follow this repair guide and fix that damaged screen of Moto x4. Witrigs offers not only mobile repair tutorial including disassembly, assembly, and components replacement guide, but also phone accessories review video on YouTube. Publisher: Witrigs - Witrigs YouTube Channel - If you are interested in DIY phone repair or latest phone accessories review, Like Us on Facebook Page: Subscribe Us on YouTube: Follow Us on Twitter: Add Us on Google+: Subscribe Us on Blog: Don’t forget to Like if this video helps you. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Background Music: Touch the sky - Yung Sir Tools: 1. Hair Dryer/Heat Gun - 2. Plastic Card - 3. Spudger - Steps: Step1 Power off Step2 Remove the worn LCD Screen Step3 Remove the fingerprint sensor and earpiece mesh Step4 Test the new LCD Screen Step5 Install the new LCD Screen

Motorola Moto X4 vs Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - SPEED TEST - Which is faster!?

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Eglobal central uk review

My experience with eglobal central uk was good but I have read a lot of bad reviews about this company. If you have had a good or bad experience with them, let me know.

I'm selling my macbook pro / going all android!

I bought a Macbook pro a few months ago and now I feel that it's been a poor decision. I have not seen any real benefit to having this machine in my life and I will be going fully android. I will be recording, editing, uploading, thumbnailing, end screen annotation and basically everything to do with YouTube on this channel will be all android. Thanks for watching, make sure you hit that subscribe button and like if you did! -------------------------- Follow me on… Instagram - Twitter  - -------------------------- Support my channel Use my amazon link - --------------------------

Motorola Moto x4

Dual rear camera system with a wide field of view
16 MP selfie camera with adaptive low light mode
IP68 rated water-resistant glass and metal design
Blazing-fast Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, faster data speeds, and all-day battery
Simpler ways to access favourite features and tools with moto experiences

Gsmarena specs.

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