Nerf Zombie Strike Super Soaker RIP Storm Unboxing, Review & Firing

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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Gun Game but with Nerf Super Soakers or water guns! First player to go through all 20 weapons wins the battle! Behind the Scenes! The Blasters for Super Soaker Gun Game! Buy the Blasters used in the video here! Mike's Channel! MERCH 👕 2ND CHANNEL 🎮 INSTAGRAM 📷 FACEBOOK 📘 TWITTER 🐦 NERF FORTNITE! #1 Shotgun Noobs #2 Real Life LLama #3 Infinity Gauntlet #4 Shopping Carts Battle NERF WARFARE PLAYLIST! Campaign 2.0 Rival Gun Game Non Nerf Gun Game Gun Game 8.0 Nerf meets PUBG: Campaign: Gun Game 7.0: Modded Mayhem Gun Game: Gun Game 6.0: NERF OPS PLAYLIST! Team Deathmatch: Free For All: Gun Game 1.0: Gun Game 2.0: Gun Game 3.0: Gun Game 4.0: Gun Game 5.0: One in The Chamber: Zombies: Zombies 2.0: Star Wars: Sticks and Stones: Thanks for watching! Aaron :)

Black Friday GoodWill Nerf Hunt

I KNOW I DID NOT BUY THE VULCAN! I HAVE 12 OF THEM! I DON'T NEED ANOTHER! I LEFT IT FOR THE NEXT PERSON! As Promised! My Black Friday Goodwill run! Email Address: (Not currently accepting commissions) Facebook Page: Mailing Address: Chaylo Laurino P.O. Box 111515 Tacoma, Wa 98411 Theme song source: Alterations: spliced.

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EPIC SUPER SOAKER BATTLE 💦 w/ Zach King, VFXBro & Jamie Costa | The NERF Nation Show Episode 3

Zach King, VFXBro, Jamie Costa and more friends launch into an epic game of Capture the Flag – Super Soaker Style! The epic super soaker battle will see which team can out-maneuver, out-run, and out-soak the other. The friendly rivals put their soaking power to the test with blasters like Soakzooka, SplashMouth, and Twin Tide! Which team will walk away with fortune and glory, and which will sulk away with wet clothes? Featuring Music from The Wrecks - 'Turn it Up' For More from The Wrecks: For More NERF: #NERF #NERFNation #NERFOrNothin #Hasbro #ZachKing #NERFNationShow #VFXBro #JamieCosta Subscribe to the NERF Channel: Official NERF Website: Shop NERF Toys: Official NERF Facebook:

Nerf Zombie Strike Super Soaker SplatterBlast Unboxing, Overview & Firing Test

Instagram: Unboxing, overview and range test of the Nerf Zombie Strike Super Soaker SplatterBlast! If you're a fan of the super soaker I totally recommend this blaster. It has great range (for a water blaster), the ability to shoot multiple streams of water and a overall fun blaster!

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