Antenna DVR with Plex Pass Review

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Plex DVR Install for Live TV

I finally hook up a tuner for Plex DVR! The Antenna I used: HDHomerun: To get your $4.99 .Tech Domain, goto: now and use the promo code, "bmb1"! Free Plex Account Link that helps me grow: Lifetime Plex Pass subscription: Lifetime Plex Pass gift: Want Smooth B-Roll? Check out the Rhino Slider: Support my growth! Twitter:

Mastering Your Plex Media Server

I hope that this video will help some people take full advantage of their Media Server. If you decide you want to try out Plex, Please use my link to create your free account. It helps my channel grow! Plex Start up video CPU Benchmarking Scores Port Forwarding Media Preparation Plex Pass Support my growth! Twitter:

Silicondust HDHomerun Extend Review with FREE Live TV Plex Pass : Has some issues

I'm a cord cutter and i'm sure most of you watching this video are either cord cutters or are thinking of it. This device has two tuners and can allow you to broadcast live TV to anywhere in the world to basically any device and can also be used to record your shows with it's DVR service. I have it set up with the PLEX Pass but there is one very annoying bug! Let's check out this device and the plex service. HDhomerun Extend : Cheaper Option : Hauppage USB : Indoor Antenna : Outdoor Antenna: DVR Service : Plex Pass : Follow me Around the interwebs! Instagram: Twitter: Google Plus: Email:

Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR Review

In this extended show, I'll reviewing the Table 4-Tuner OTA DVR. I breifly explain some of the basics required to use the Tablo (more on those in future episodes). EDIT: I mis-spoke when I was talking about hard drive size and said gigabyte instead of terabyte. Tablo supports hard drives up to 8 TB in size. LINKS: Antenna Web OTA Antennas from Newark: Power Line Adapter (Amazon): Western Digital 2 TB hard drive: Tablo (main website) Tablo Facebook Page Tablo (purchase new) Tablo (purchase refurb - when available) TV recording done with GoPro Hero6 Video editting done with Vegas Pro 12

Plex Live TV and DVR Setup and Review - Cut The Cord!

How to setup the Plex Pass Feature - Live TV and DVR Check out Plex HERE Please Like and Subscribe! Also if you are feeling generous you can donate.. At Streamlabs HERE Any amount is very appreciated and extremely helpful. I will use the money to keep bringing you fresh content and new game/technology reviews. Thanks again for all your support, you guys are the reason I do this! Appreciated Luke Find me online here: Add me on Steam

Purchase HDHomeRun on Amazon -

Interested in a way to record programming off of your OTA Antenna? With the HDHomeRun and a Plex Pass subscription it is fairly simple and easy. Just download the App to your computer and install a HDHomeRun box, then subscribe to Plex Pass and start recording...ok, there are a few more steps, but I will have a full setup video coming soon for you! Message me if you need help!

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