MG Midget Junk Yard Find

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Me and my dad see my dad's old car for the first time in 20 years.

He sold the car over 20+ years ago when he was an alcoholic. Said he probably would have died in it. This is the first time he saw it since he sold it over 20+ years ago. The car does look in relative good shape, we have no idea what has been done with the car over the past 20 years. It obviously wasn't sitting there for 20 years and nobody claims it to be. Pay attention, people. 1964 Buick Rivera. 425 Wildcat V8 w/ 427 horsepower.

The Differences Between V6 and Straight-Six Engines

Six-cylinder engines have nestled within some of the greatest cars of all time, so how does the V-format compare to the in-line alternative? SUBSCRIBE: VISIT OUR SHOP: SNAPCHAT! ----- Follow Car Throttle ----- Subscribe to Car Throttle: On our website: On Facebook: On Twitter: ----- Music by ----- Tom Kent: YouTube: ---- Credits ---- Engine Bay by Grant.C "Mazda MX-6 2.5i V6 vs Honda Prelude 2.3i 4WS Dragrace" by Erwin Lindsen

Square Body Junk Yard Hunting

Decided to see just how many gm Chevy or gmc square body pickups I could find in the salvage yard.

1969 1st generation Toyota Corolla KE11 find, buy and first start after ~15 years

HAPPY 50th COROLLA ANNIVERSARY! USDM KE11 Kouki 2dr Sedan in middle Europe, Hungary. First body of the legendary world leader, best ever selling car type. (3)2K gasoline engine, with 2 speed! Toyoglide automatic transmission. After the car arrived at home, the engine and the transmission got new oil, and i tried to turn around the crankshaft. When it succeded i have decided to start the engine with an improvised fuel system. The engine needed new spark plugs and the ignition switch some repair... Sometimes it sends 12V to the ignition coil only when the ignition switch is in "ON" position. This is why that the engine won't starts at "START" position, only if i finally leave the key back to "ON". Unfortunatelly the Toyoglide has a problem in "Drive". The car don't want to go forward, only wirks in "Reverse". In "D" if the RPM falls down, the car tries to jump ahaed a little bit --- as you see -, but nothing relevant movement. Any correct idea about the problem? Otherwise the car looks so tarnished in that status. I'm thinking on that leave the restoration away, and keep this peace of history in that preserved condition at a saloon of a Toyota dealership.

Massive Barn Find in Portugal

I've identified over 190 of the 320 cars found locked away in here, can anyone recognise any others? I will add them to the video along with corrections if confirmed 100%. What is that 2nd Formula race car?

Another quick walk around video of a pretty complete 1976 MG Midget that was recently in the wrecking yard. Only real damage outside of rust was the deck lid or as they say over seas, the boot. The salvage yards always pry it open and almost always causing damage. I ended up taking the dealer emblem. This is second MG I've found recently. The last one was actually a MGB GT.

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