MG Midget Junk Yard Find

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MG Midget EV Conversion Part10 Updates!

More progress on the Midget.

Gbody Pontiac Grand Prix Junk Yard Find

just a quick video on another gbody grand prix I spotted while roaming one of the local wrecking yards. This also had the F41 package. I ended up taking the gp bar on also. Only things missing were the front suspension and rear end. still had some good parts to give up before being crushed.

Bleeding Hydraulic Clutch MG Midget

A simple tutorial showing how to bleed an MG Midget's hydraulic clutch and slave cylinder

My 1978 MG Midget.

Another car I got a deal on. $1500 for an MG with an awesome paint job! Just put new big end bearings, rings, four used flat topped pistons in the bottom end. Topped it off with a rebuilt head from Speedway Classics. Even after the valve head spent some time bouncing around the combustion chamber, he was actually able to save the head!

MG Midget EV Conversion Part9 Progress!

MG Midget EV Conversion Part9 brings progress and problems... Music by Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals

Another quick walk around video of a pretty complete 1976 MG Midget that was recently in the wrecking yard. Only real damage outside of rust was the deck lid or as they say over seas, the boot. The salvage yards always pry it open and almost always causing damage. I ended up taking the dealer emblem. This is second MG I've found recently. The last one was actually a MGB GT.

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