iRoller Screen Cleaner for Tablets Smartphones Touchscreens Extensive testing and review

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13 Smartphone Gadgets that will Blow you away.

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Watch This Before Putting on a Screen Protector

Mini iROLLER 3” (US) - Mini iROLLER (International) - Original iROLLER 3.5” (US) - Original iROLLER (International - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔥Other Amazing Tech Deals! (US) - 🔥Other Amazing Tech Deals! (International) - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Save Tons of 💰 💰 💰 with Amazon Prime! Try it FREE for 30-Days! (US) - (Intl) - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching! Slap that like and come back for more! Product Info: Mini iROLLER: Reusable Liquid Free Touchscreen Cleaner for Smartphones and Tablets - Immediately Sanitizes - Easy to Use and Incredibly Effective on Any Touch Screen (Mini) • WITH A FEW QUICK ROLLS IT INSTANTLY REMOVES fingerprints, smudges, germs and smears from touch screens on your phone or tablet better than any microfiber cloth can! • OFFERS A SANITIZING CLEANSE quickly removing bacteria and sanitizes your iPhone, iPad, cell phone, mac, tablet, or laptop touchscreen. • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT measuring only 3.5 inches for the Original and 3 inches for the Mini, you can stick it in a purse or pocket and easily do a quick touch-up while on the go. • SAVE MONEY on disposable wipes, microfiber cloths, and sprays, simply occasionally rinse the iRoller under water and you will have countless uses, saving you time and money! BETTER than Microfiber Cloths! • COMPLETELY LIQUID-FREE in contrast to many liquid sprays which can easily damage your devices! The Mini iRoller features advanced materials and is completely safe to use on anything! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me for random sweet posts here! ➤Twitter - ➤Instagram - ➤Google+ - ➤Facebook - ➤Unbox Junkie Website - For business inquiries, email me at:

How To Roll Off Nasty Fingerprints!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - iRoller (USA Link) - iRoller (International Link) - The iRoller let's you roll away fingerprints from your various devices. Unlike the spray / cloth combo it lifts the dirt up of the surface using some kind of sticky material. From the manufacturer - Hate how quickly fingerprints collect on your screen? Sick of microfiber cloths that leave lint and smudges after their first washing and are quickly rendered completely ineffective? Tired of wasting so much money on disposable wipes that you can only use once? Concerned that liquid cleaners will damage your speakers and camera with excess moisture? We hear ya, and we got this! The iRoller features the latest in innovative technology with a liquid free solution to all these issues. It is not only completely effective and fun to use, but it can be reused countless times, saving you time and money! Stop worrying about liquid cleaners damaging your high-priced smartphone. We know you paid a high price for it and want to keep it in tip-top shape! We totally get that and that's why we designed the iRoller. We are excited to present our patented design which is not only extremely effective but also incredibly easy to use. Just apply a bit of pressure as you roll it over your cell phone, tablet, iPhone, mac or computer screen to keep them looking bright and new, as professional as you feel with a smart snazzy touch that will keep you looking great and feeling awesome. Promise! And not only will you see fingerprints disappear right away, it goes a step further and removes bacteria on your screen as well for an even deeper cleanse. After several uses, simply rinse it under warm water and allow to dry. And measuring in at only 3 ½ inches, you can easily stick it in a pocket or purse while on the go for an easy touch-up whenever you need it! The iRoller is completely liquid free and therefore you can rest assured it will never damage your speakers or camera like many other cleaning solutions will! And stop wasting money on disposable wipes, invest in this today and know that it will rapidly pay for itself after only a few uses. You'll be so glad you did! We also offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so buy now with complete confidence! FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Google Plus -


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How to Clean Your Screens as Fast As Possible

Screens on cellphones, monitors, and TVs all need to be cleaned quite frequently. Linus explains the best ways to make sure your screens always provide you with the best possible viewing experience. Sponsor message: Big thanks to fractal design for sponsoring this episode and for matching our donation to ALS Research. Check out their awesome cases, power supplies and cooling products at Support ALS Research: Lifehacker links:

I recently was able to review the iRoller and iRoller mini on my apple devices. I tested them on my iPhones and iPad mini 2 and iPad Pro. I was pleasantly surprised how good of a job these devices did on cleaning my screens and most importantly taking dirt off the screen. Links to purchase these can be found below.


Mini iRoller

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