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FILIPINO FOOD! Crispy Pata, Sisig, Lechon Kawali, Pancit Canton & Kare Kare | Eating Show Mukbang

Eating Filipino food! Ordered Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, Lecon Kawali, Pancit Canton and Kare Kare. This is my first time trying these dishes! My favorite one would have to be the Sisig and Kare Kare! :D Subscribe to my channel: Show me some looooveeee... Help support my channel on Patreon Food bought from Filipino Fiesta (Singapore) - Crispy Pata: Crispy pork knuckle - Pork Sisig: Sizzling pork with mayonnaise, chili and onions - Lechon Kawali: Deep fried pork belly - Kare Kare: Beef stew in peanut and rice powder sauce - Pancit Canton: Thick egg noodles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching this Filipino Food mukbang eating show! Hope you enjoyed it. Do check out more of my eating videos below! Indian Food Feast Pt 1 Indian Food Feast Pt 2 Chinese Food Feast Korean Food Black Bean Noodles & Kimbap Thai Food Feast Food Challenge Videos Massive English Breakfast in UK Pho Noodles Challenge in UK Randy Santel $20 Subway Challenge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with me: Facebook Twitter Instagram Patreon Music "Wallpaper" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Sound Effects

꽃돼지 칼국수+족발+김치 먹방 mukbang eating show 吃播

꽃돼지 칼국수+족발+김치 먹방 아프리카TV▼ 스폰 문의 김치 문의:010-5906-7090 mukbang eating show 吃播 꽃돼지 후원하기~!


Hi guys kainan na naman. Sakit sa batok naman neto. Haha . Eniways. Sandok na guys at sabay sabaw na itu.

Indian loves BULALO and LECHON KAWALI, awesome foods,

Bulalo and lechon kawali, Two awesome foods, both beef. after long time i am uploading this video, this time i wanted to eat some Filipino food and by luck i found the restaurant. The interior was ok but the food was so yummy. The portion was huge. The bulalo was nice and the soup was tasty. but lechon was the winner. the taste was so awesome, i really like the food.

100 Dumpling Challenge - Epic Cheat Meal, Mukbang

Hey Everyone, Sorry for the late upload. I've got an epic cheat meal for you today as I attempt to eat 100 dumplings and try to conquer the 100 dumpling challenge! If I would repeat the challenge, I would probably eat homemade dumplings since the ones at this restaurant were way too oily and made me bloated so fat. Gave it a decent go and I felt sick for about 3 hours after my attempt. Make sure to leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching me suffer haha and comment below what you would like to watch me eat next time! Keep updated with new content every week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) Subscribe to my channel here: Social Media: INSTAGRAM: @officialrichardji Facebook: Snapchat: richardji Online Coaching: Email: MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO IS ROYALTY FREE MUSIC AND PROVIDED BY: WWW.INCOMPETECH.COM

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