How to Make a Whole-Meal Salad — 5 Step Template (whole food vegan, oil-free)

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How to Make a STAR Meal — 5 Step Template (whole food vegan, oil-free)

On this episode of Healthytarian Living (, host Evita Ochel ( shares the 5-step template for making STAR meals: quick, easy, healthy and wholesome, plant-based meals. Video sections and topics covered: - What is a STAR Meal (2:02) - STAR Meal Process (3:17 ) - STAR Meal Prep Time (11:00) - STAR Meal Examples (14:02) - Final Tips (17:47) -- storage -- resources Resources mentioned in video: 1. Meal ideas on Evolving Wellness ( 2. Meal ideas on Healthytarian ( 3. Evita's Book on Amazon (

How to Eat Quinoa: Nutrition, Health, Cooking & Meal Ideas

On this episode of *Healthytarian Living*, host Evita Ochel ( provides a guide for working with quinoa: knowing how to eat it and why. New to whole-food, plant-based eating? Check out Evita's complete video course How to Eat Whole-Food, Plant-Based on Udemy: Video topics covered: - Introduction (0:00) - Description of Quinoa (0:48) - Nutrition & Health Benefits of Quinoa (2:13) - Buying & Storing Quinoa (6:25) - Preparation & Cooking of Quinoa (8:43) - Meals & Recipes with Quinoa (13:03) - Products & Forms of Quinoa (16:24) - Summary (17:11) Recommended Products: 1. Organic Quinoa: 2. Fine mesh sieve for rinsing quinoa:

Fresh Cucumber Salad with Lime Dressing Recipe

Refreshing cucumber salad with red onion and scallion and paired with a delicious lime red hot pepper flake dressing recipe. So refreshing and delicious, it's the perfect salad for these hot summer days. Also Watch: ASIAN PEAR SPARKLER: INGREDIENTS: Large Cucumber (1) Red Onion (quarter of the onion) Scallion (2 stalks) Dressing: Lime (juice of 1 lime) Rice Vinegar (2 tablespoons) Fish Sauce (2 tablespoons) Non-Flavored Oil (2 tablespoons) Honey (1 tablespoon) Red Hot Pepper Flake (1 teaspoon) SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST: VISIT WEBSITE:

Pro Makeup Tutorial For Beginners ♡

☮ Subscribe ✖ KEEP AN EYE ON ME » Instagram: StillGlamorUs » Facebook: StillGlamorUs » Soundcloud: StillGlamorUs » Twitter: StillGlamorUs » Tumblr: StillGlamorUs » SNAPCHAT: StillGlamorUs Kasey Michaels (Stillglamorus) Po Box 18361 tucson az 85731 In this "PRO MAKEUP TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS" going to show you how to achieve a makeup look that will have you feeling like a pro makeup artist! This look is super easy and will be great for beginners cause the steps I chose are super simple and effortless to recreate, hope you enjoy! StillGlamMom Youtube Channel PRODUCTS USED: Urban Decay DeSlick oil control spray Smash Box Cosmetics studio skin 15 hour wear foundation (1.1) is my color Loreal True Match Mineral powder in Light Ivory Bare Minerals Original in Fairly light Senna Brow Kit in Neutral Revlon Photo Ready in Bronzed and Chic Smashbox Cosmetics full exposure palette Still Glamorus Cosmetics pigment in skinny dip Mac Phloof Rimmel lipstick in 101 Nyx pinched blush and peekaboo pink lipliner Mac penultimate liquid eyeliner (this is not a sponsored video)

A Day in the Life of a Healthytarian - Smart Eating

On this episode of Healthytarian Living, host Evita Ochel ( explains what the "smart eating" part of the healthytarian lifestyle means, and what a typical day could look like for a healthytarian, based on her own life and personal food choices, and how to make eating be quick, fun, easy and delicious. New to whole-food, plant-based eating? Check out Evita's complete video course How to Eat Whole-Food, Plant-Based on Udemy: Topics covered in the video include: - what smart eating means - how to successfully approach smart eating, when it comes to the food we bring home - typical breakfast - typical snacks - typical lunch - typical dinner - typical drink choices - concluding remarks

On this episode of Healthytarian Living (, host Evita Ochel ( shares a 5-step process for making optimally healthy, quick, easy and delicious whole-meal salads.

- Evita's written recipe site:
- Healthytarian recipes:
- Evita's Sauce/Dressing Template:
- Evita's "Whole-Food, Plant-Based Eating" course:
- Evita's "How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy" course:

Video chapters by topic:
- Introduction (0:08)
- Whole-meal salad benefits (1:23)
Learn the nutrition and health properties of whole-meal salads and what makes them such outstanding meal choices.
- Whole-meal salad template (4:19)
Learn the 5 step template for making a whole-meal salad.
-- Step 1 (4:23)
-- Step 2 (5:20)
-- Step 3 (6:58)
-- Step 4 (8:04)
-- Step 5 (9:04)
- Whole-meal salad example (13:17)
Apply what you learned and experience the making of a whole-meal salad.

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