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Chinese finals "a, o, e, i, u, ü" & tones | Pinyin Lesson 01 - Learn Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation

Get the full Chinese Pronunciation Course (Pinyin) at The full Chinese Pronunciation Course (Pinyin) includes: 1. 11 video lectures that cover the 21 initial consonants and 36 simple or compound vowels, 265 selected words and phrases, and the spelling rules for Chinese syllables and tone changes (These 11 video lectures are part of the free content in this course. You can view them free online on our YouTube channel “Learn Chinese with Litao”.) 2. Online and downloadable audio and script of all the stuff mentioned above (Only available after you purchase) 3. 191 online self-assessment questions (Only available after you purchase) In this Chinese pronunciation lesson, you will learn: 1. 7 simple finals: a, o, e, i, u, ü, er. 2. 5 tones: 1st tone, 2nd tone, 3rd tone, 4th tone, neutral tone. 3. The spelling rules about "i", "u", "ü".

Chinese Alphabet Made EASY! If you want to learn to speak Chinese, then the Chinese alphabet will help you learn Mandarin Chinese faster and more effectively. With a Chinese alphabet chart, you'll see that Chinese learning is made easier using *initials and *finals in order to learn Chinese PinYin, which is the alphabet system in Chinese. But, there's a lot of controversy about whether or not there actually is a Chinese alphabet. Technically speaking, there is no such thing as an alphabet in Chinese. Yet, Chinese PinYin uses Chinese "alphabet letters" in order to help us learn Chinese. In fact, when you're learning the Chinese language, Chinese alphabet symbols make it a whole lot easier! So, I wouldn't ask, "Is there a Chinese alphabet?" but instead would start using Chinese alphabet characters to learn the Chinese language. I hope that while you're learning Chinese online, you'll find this video on Chinese alphabets helpful. Of course, the Chinese letters alphabet that's used in this video is the style used in Mainland China, NOT the type of Chinese characters alphabet that's used in Taiwan (where characters strokes guide you in learning a Chinese character alphabet) OR one of the ancient Chinese alphabet systems that were used thousands of years ago. Instead, this is a Chinese letter alphabet using separate letters in order to combine together to form PinYin which is a system for taking Chinese sounds and putting letters to it. What is PinYin? [0:20] Chinese Characters to PinYin [0:29] The Chinese Alphabet [0:35] Chinese Alphabet Chart for the Initials [0:42] Chinese Alphabet Chart for the Finals [1:08] It all makes a lot more sense in the video, so just take a moment to watch and see how you can learn the Chinese alphabet!

Learn ALL Hiragana in 1 Hour - How to Write and Read Japanese

This is your ultimate compilation to easily master Japanese Hiragana in 1 hour! Learn Katakana fast as well here to be able to read Japanese! ↓Check how below↓ Step 1: Go to Step 2: Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account - No money, No credit card required Step 3: Master Katakana characters with writing focus and interactive practice sections with Risa In this video, you’ll learn how to be able to perfectly WRITE and READ all Hiragana, characters of the Japanese alphabet. We will teach you those Japanese Kana using simple steps, showing you the correct stroke order, helpful tricks for memorization, and proper usage in common Japanese words. If you want to get started reading and writing Japanese, this is THE place to start. To learn more about Japanese writing system: Follow and write to us using hashtag #JapanesePod101 - Facebook : - Google Plus : - Twitter : - Pinterest :

Speak English With Kids Confidently Kids and Parents Conversational Video in Urdu Part 1

How to Speak English With Kids Confidently Kids and Parents Conversational Video in Urdu Part 1 Basic Sentences for Parents to speak with Kids common English Sentences for Parents to speak to their kids, Parents Feel Shy to speak with their kids in English. How to Make learn English to kid?,how to teach english to small kids,how to teach a child to speak english,how to speak english with child at home,teach english speaking activities,how to teach english speaking to beginners,how to teach baby to speak english,how to teach english to 3 year olds,learn english speaking for baby,how to speak english with child at home,how to teach baby to speak english,how to teach english to small kids,teach english speaking activities,how to teach english speaking to beginners,baby talk words english,kids english speaking,learn english for beginners english for children, how to speak english with childs, children, children english video ,kids english learning videos, basic sentences conversation for kids,

Learn Chinese Alphabet |汉语拼音字母表 | Kids Educational Video

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