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Russian lessons – Lesson 1 – Tips, goals and Russian alphabet | Russian language

Russian Language Course for beginners from a certified Russian teacher! Welcome and let's learn some Russian together:) Useful links: 💙 FULL lesson is here – 💙 3 steps to learn Cyrillic alphabet faster – 💙 How to think in Russian – 💙 My lessons about Russian sounds – 💙 Why O sounds like A in Russian – 💗 I'll be happy to make friends here: 💗 Listen to my podcast: 💗 Subscribe to my channel: 🥇Support my channel on Patreon 🥇 –

Learn Chinese in 30 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need

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Chinese finals "a, o, e, i, u, ü" & tones | Pinyin Lesson 01 - Learn Mandarin Chinese Pronunciation

Get the full Chinese Pronunciation Course (Pinyin) at The full Chinese Pronunciation Course (Pinyin) includes: 1. 11 video lectures that cover the 21 initial consonants and 36 simple or compound vowels, 265 selected words and phrases, and the spelling rules for Chinese syllables and tone changes (These 11 video lectures are part of the free content in this course. You can view them free online on our YouTube channel “Learn Chinese with Litao”.) 2. Online and downloadable audio and script of all the stuff mentioned above (Only available after you purchase) 3. 191 online self-assessment questions (Only available after you purchase) In this Chinese pronunciation lesson, you will learn: 1. 7 simple finals: a, o, e, i, u, ü, er. 2. 5 tones: 1st tone, 2nd tone, 3rd tone, 4th tone, neutral tone. 3. The spelling rules about "i", "u", "ü".

Chinese Numbers 1-100

Two letter words with Alif (دو حرفی الفاظ ا کے ساتھ) Part 1

Two letter words with Alif (دو حرفی الفاظ ا کے ساتھ) How to join two urdu letters Part 1

all about chinese language
this is my first attempt so plz support and appreciate me..

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