Day 4 in indonesia |LDR|Indonesia ~ Korea|

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Last day |indonesia -korea|

See you next time❤❤ Ini mungkin video terakhir ya. Paling aku akan upload video yg GJ GJ kaya awal doi nembak aku gmna chat awal gmana. Stock video udh di upload semua wkwk. Doain aja semoga tahun depan aku ketemu lagi sama doi jadi bisa bikin video lagi. Makasih jugaa buat kalian yg udh nonton,support dan ngedoain kita. 사랑해요❤😍❤ My instagram : @novsop28 My boyfriend instagram : @shin_hyo_chang1 Song : berry good - 첫사랑 (my first love) Yozoh - again and again

#EP01 Season 3 LDR INDONESIA - KOREA || Semua Butuh Perjuangan || 지금 만나로 갑니다 ♡♡♡

buah indonesia yang tidak ada di korea (feat. ibuku) , woo seok - 6

senang senang di ubud. jong seok : @jongseok_kim88 woo seok : @dellanafuz

Happy birthday & happy anniv 1 st | LDR Indonesia - Korea|

Ini acara anniv kita yg ke 1 th tanggal 13 januari Dan ultah dia tgl 17 januari. Dan kita ini ngerayainnya tgl 21 januari wkwkkwkww Sungguh aneh tapi nyata😂 My instagram : @novsop28 My boyfriend instagram : @shin_hyo_chang1 Song : Akmu - i love you

LDR - Meeting for the first time [South Korea - The Netherlands]

*Update* Our second meeting in Korea has been uploaded! 사랑해 서방 ❤ Since I had seen so many videos of long distance relationships meeting for the first time and I thought "Gosh, this is so adorable." I decided to make one myself! My boyfriend from Korea travelled 8566 km just to meet me and I can honestly say, no one has ever done such a sweet thing for me. This guy is amazing and I feel so blessed. To the people that are in a long distance relationship, never give up! I know having such a distance in between can be really tough, but it is really worth it when you meet each other. Huge thanks to my friend 상순 for helping me translate the English sentences to Korean! I appreciate it a lot! All the credits for the music goes to David Choi, he is an amazing singer and I love his songs! Feel free to follow me/us on: Instagram ☆ Twitter ☆ Song: David Choi - This Is A Way -------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm from the Netherlands, Hyunjun is from Korea. We're in a long distance relationship. People usually say that long distance relationships are impossible because you can't see each other, but I disagree with that. Distance doesn't matter when you really love each other. If you have the patience and love for that person, it's possible to have a relationship. Even if waiting is really hard and trust me, I hate the distance just as much as you do. Every time when I have to say goodbye to my boyfriend, it's horrible, because we know we won't be seeing each other for a very long time. It's tough. But we can get through it, because we know that eventually, we will end up together. And in the end, there won't be a return flight.

My instagram : @novsop28

My boyfriend instagram : @shin_hyo_chang1

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