2018 Soueast DX7 Prime Version SUV Full Car Overview

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2018 Southeast New DX7 Prime vs Geely Bo

2018 Southeast DX7 Prime DCT Luxury Full Car Overview

2017 Soueast DX7. Современный китайский кроссовер.

Китайская компания Soueast представила новый кроссовер Soueast DX7. Выглядит новинка по современному, радиаторная решетка с черными ниспадающими линиями, хромированная планка с расположенным в центре логотипом компании - подчеркивают нижнюю часть капота. Внутренняя отделка сделана качественно. Под капотом установлены бензиновые двигатели Mitsubishi с четырьмя цилиндрами: тубированный 1,5 л мощностью 154 л. с. и 2 литровый 190-сильный (250 Нм). Трансмиссия 6МКПП либо 6 АКПП. Известно также, что будет два варианта салона - пятиместный и семиместный. Габариты авто 4537*1900*1700 мм, колесная база 2700 мм. Цена на эту новинку китайского автопрома будет стартовать с 16 тыс. USD за базовую комплектацию, а любителям наворотов придется выложить за SouEast DX7 около 25 000 долларов.

Braking Performance Toughest 2018 SouEast DX7 Prime 1.5T

We already showed you a lot of Chinese SUVs. The Qoros 2 SUV, the Venucia VOW, the Baojun 560 and the MG GS are only some of the Chinese built SUVs that were showcased at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. However, there is one SUV which definitely stands apart and much of its charm and poise comes from the fact that it was styled by no other than Pininfarina. Yes, these guys designed Ferraris, Maseratis, beautiful Peugeots from the past and many other impressive looking vehicles. Collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer SEM (South East Motor) just started and the SUV SEM DX7 is the firstborn from the marriage of SEM and Pininfarina. Despite sparse details released by SEM about the car, its looks are certainly something that will appeal most to the buyers. A front end dominated by an accentuated chromed grille is surrounded by very classy looking lights. Although, we have to point out that the overall shape of the lights reminds us of the 2013 Nissan Murano, the overall shape and feel of the front end somehow is modern, poised and subtly sculpted to give the onlooker a feel of a refined, classy and elegant machine. The sides continue the classy looks of a modern SUV definitely in line with the trends of today. With narrow windows, nicely sculpted “muscles” at the sides and driblet shaped rear end of the side window segment, the SEM DX7 certainly feels like a successful design went in the right direction. Actually, this SUV is possibly the first ever SUV for Pininfarina. They’ve worked on number of different body styles before including coupes, MPVs and even four door saloons, but the SEM DX7 is an entry in the SUV arena where slightly different rules have to be obeyed and it seems that Pininfarina did it great the first time. What’s more, Pininfarina calls this car “the first Chinese SUV with an Italian touch”, which is certainly true. In comparison with other similarly sized SUVs this one is by far the most appealing. Of course, we have to forget about the Venucia VOW here cause that is just a concept car. Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro Angori was very pleased with how the things turned out that he said: “The DX7 expresses all of Pininfarina know how and skills that are perfect for the Chinese market: styling research and development aimed at defining timeless beauty in the best tradition of Italian style. The Italian touch combined with SEM’s state-of-the-art technological innovation make the DX7 a project that is elegant, solid and forward-looking. It sets a new benchmark for the SUV segment and we are sure it will be successfully welcomed by the market”. Even though the press release is a very long piece of journalism crap, we haven’t found anything in it pointing us at some technological specifics about the SUV. However, unofficially, we have found that the SEM DX7 is a compact SUV measuring 179 inches in length and almost 75 inches in width. Also, the car will be powered by small turbocharged petrol units. The smaller one will be a 1.5 liter turbocharged petrol unit, while the top of the range car will be powered by a two liter turbocharged four banger. No word about transmission, nor about the all wheel drive, but we are positive this beauty will have an all wheel drive, CVT and we know for a fact it’ll have things such as “full dimensional stability system, ROP vehicle rollover prevention system, and the safety standard of the system which is in line with the SUV safety standards set by the United States, longitudinal and transverse automatic parking system, and one-click-to-open panoramic sunroof and panoramic image display.”

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2018 Soueast DX7 SUV Luxury Interior and Exterior Overview

The DX7 is a compact SUV built by Soueast Motor on basis of the R7 concept unveiled at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. The production model was launched at the 2014 Guangzhou Motor Show, where it was named “Bolang” in Chinese. With a 2700mm wheelbase, it is 4537mm long, 1900mm wide, and 1700mm tall. A turbo 1.5L or turbo 2.0L will be employed. The DX7 is designed by Pininfarina.

Overview of The New 2018 Soueast DX7 Prime Version SUV

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