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How to Fix Your Posture in 4 Moves! (PERMANENTLY)

Fix your posture in 90 days - Subscribe to this channel here - If you have poor posture, you not only are aware of it but likely would welcome an easy way to fix it. In this video, I’m showing you a 4 step plan that can attack the most common posture flaws to give you a nice, tall, upright posture sooner than you think. I’m going to show you how to hit correct rounded shoulders, a hunched back, crooked neck, forward head and tilted pelvis. When you apply the easy drills shown here you will start to feel better almost instantly and work towards permanently fixing your bad posture. The four biggest problem areas for those with bad posture is the neck, shoulders, mid back and pelvis. Specifically, if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or behind the wheel you will wind up getting slumping shoulders and a rounded back. To counteract the head being pulled downward, you wind up tilting your head up so you can look straight ahead. This has the effect of overarching your neck and weakening the deep neck flexors. Finally, when the upper spine curves forward, the pelvis winds up curling under. This posterior pelvic tilt is something that adaptively tightens the hamstrings and weakens the lower back. If you want to fix your posture you have to hit each of these areas with individualized attention. We have actually addressed each of these in depth with the following videos: How to Fix Rounded Shoulders - How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt - How to Fix Posterior Pelvic Tilt - How to Fix a Rounded Upper Back That said, there is something that you can do for each of these areas that will help you to correct the postural problems without having to spend a long time each day. These are efficient and effective but do need your consistency in order to make a lasting impact on the correction. The funny thing about posture is that we often spend a lifetime doing the things that ruin our posture in the first place, yet expect that we will be able to fix it in an hour. While not an hour, these posture correction exercises will have an immediate impact on the way you feel. You should feel as if you have more mobility in the tightened areas and that your body begins to move more free and easy. From here, with a bit of consistency you will be able to make permanent changes in your posture that will have you feeling stronger and looking much better than you do now. An important note on posture and working out, that I referenced earlier, is that it is not a good idea to lift weights when your body is severely out of alignment. All you are doing is strengthening poor posture and dysfunction. Lifting weights in the presence of dysfunction is quickly going to lead to not only other compensations elsewhere in the kinetic chain but likely wind up in injury. It is much smarter to fix the issues with your posture first and then strengthen your body to reinforce the new perfect posture. For a complete program that helps you to correct your posture at the same time that you are actually building new muscle and getting ripped, head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Use the same exact workout routine used by Jesse to not only add muscle to his frame but dramatically improve how he looks when standing. For more videos on how to fix bad posture and the best way to get rid of scapular winging and rounded shoulders, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at


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How to fix hunchback posture in 3 minutes

Got hunchback posture? Learn a simple, convenient exercise to correct hunchback posture! The Hunchback Fix: In this video, Matt demonstrates a convenient exercise to get rid of hunchback posture. Using this exercise, you can train the muscles of the mid and upper back to achieve and maintain better posture. This exercise can help you with your hunchback (kyphosis) and forward head posture. As with any exercise, this must be done regularly and consistently to get results that last. How long it takes will depend on how bad your posture is to start with and how much your daily habits put you in bad posture. In general, we recommend holding the position for 2.5 to 3.5 minutes and doing the exercise once or twice a day (more if your body responds well to it). If you spend a lot of time in a hunchback position or you find this exercise extremely difficult, you may need to do it more than someone who has less kyphosis. If someone has a good overall lifestyle that allows them to stay out of bad posture for longer periods, they may need to do this very little. FREE Posture Primer ebook: ---- HELPFUL VIDEOS ---- MORE HELPFUL LINKS FB: Coaching (in-person and online): Free Exclusive Shoulder Tips: Roll & Release (be your own massage therapist!): Healthy Hips 1: Free Exclusive Anterior Tilt Videos: The FAI Fix: ---- Support us on Patreon!

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