Everyday meal planning//skin care sharing diy for tan removal

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Motivation tips for Exercise

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State Board Hair Shaping Service Texas PSI Cosmetology

The Glamour Room at RL Turner is a full service salon operated by our cosmetology student professionals and lead under the direction of Brian Rodriguez and Traci Stock, our licensed instructors. Students balance their classroom instruction and lab experiences as they work to complete 1,000 hours with TDLR in order to test for licensure. We offer a wide selection of cosmetology services to meet your individual beauty needs. Follow us on Twitter @RLTCosmo Website: www.rltcosmo.com ________________________________________­_________________________ The next section is “Hair Shaping Service (Mannequin),” and you will have 40 minutes to complete this section. You will be informed when you have 20 minutes remaining. When finished with the haircut, please step back and raise your hand and a Rater will check your haircut. You may begin. Hair Shaping Service (Mannequin) Time Allowed: 40 minutes Remove at least 1 inch of hair throughout entire head by performing a 90 degree layered haircut using a razor with guard and shears. ALL TASK LINES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SECTION MUST BE PERFORMED ON A MANNEQUIN TO RECEIVE PROCEDURE AND SAFETY CRITERIA POINTS. Procedure Criteria (1 point each): 1. Sanitizes own hands using hand sanitizer 2. Drapes with neckstrip and cape 3. Sections hair using any sectioning method for 90 degree layered haircut 4. Establishes entire perimeter guideline using razor to determine length 5. Palms razor throughout haircut 6. Follows established guideline throughout haircut with traveling guide using shears 7. Palms shears throughout haircut 8. Ensures haircut is blended and even throughout 9. Ensures hair is cut with elevation 10. Removes at least 1 inch of hair throughout haircut and finished haircut is no shorter than 4 inches 11. Removes hair off workstation and sweeps hair fromfloor Safety Criteria (1 pointeach): 1. Disposes of waste material using trash bag 2. Ensures workstation/area remains sanitary by changing towels when soiled; cleaning spills; and maintaining sanitary implements/materials throughout service 3. Ensures draping is maintained throughout service 4. Implements/supplies are pre-sanitized and labeled in English only 5. Replaces contaminated items 6. Kit must remain closed Candidates you have 20 minutes remaining. Candidates, please stop working.

Lunch routine/diy face pack

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Big shopping haul from purplle discount sale

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