Uranium Project

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Making 3-D Atom Model

Materials: -Styrofoam Balls -Metal rings -Paint -Glue -Thread -Tape I GOT ALL OF THESE AT MICHAELS. - - - It was for my science project. All I spent is about $12. I needed to speed it up and delete some parts because it was 34 minutes long. Welp, Good luck!


Quite a spooky experience... songs- Jotaro's Theme Roundabout

SuperChat #29: Disabled and Seeking Sexual Surrogates

How To Learn Japanese (Or Any Language)

I've felt that I've needed to make a tutorial on how to learn a language, considering how I've learnt Japanese and that people often ask me how to. Thank you for watching. Japanese From Zero-https://www.amazon.com/Japanese-Zero-Techniques-Students-Professionals/dp/0976998122/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1528911187&sr=8-1&keywords=japanese+from+zero music- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3dOj0_Qzmg

The 2018 Olympics but worse

Introducing the new sub-standard Olympics, meant only for those dumb enough to score a -2 on an IQ test. This was made with 2 of my good friends Alleyn & Luke. All music from NCM

This is like unbelievably bad

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