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10 Art Styles Challenge! | SPEEDPAINT

(tfw u can't pick just one of your fave characters so u end up drawing your avatar ten times over instead 👌👌) It was really fun trying out a challenge like this! All the titles I worked from here are ones that have influenced my own style at some point or other in my life, so it was great to get to revisit some of them :D (also, apologies if the video is choppy at all-- rendering all the recorded footage for this was an absolute beast of a job!) FINISHED PIC: https://abd-illustrates.deviantart.com/art/10-Art-Styles-Challenge-703286798?ga_submit_new=10%3A1504834319&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1 ------------------------------------------------------------ -- SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS -- - Twitter - https://twitter.com/alexbdent?lang=en - Tumblr - https://abd-illustrates.tumblr.com/ - DeviantArt - https://abd-illustrates.deviantart.com/ - Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/abdillustrates/?hl=en ☕ Want to support my work? - https://ko-fi.com/ABDIllustrates ☕ ------------------------------------------------------------ MUSIC USED: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX5e6ex7KIE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1ddqXIbpa8

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13 MORE DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gacha tubers video’s! 1- https://youtu.be/7XtxxQmPpQc 2- https://youtu.be/Yvn246Ldz4M 3- https://youtu.be/9Lul2evWkQ4 4- https://youtu.be/6_8OMLxIzmM 5- https://youtu.be/Ag5A8cyW-64 6- https://youtu.be/iwIKeXI_AlE 7- https://youtu.be/8BU25fvdc1Q 8- https://youtu.be/ugZxl512MnE 9- https://youtu.be/v2mhRWMBGT0 10- https://youtu.be/IwujiA1Ckj0 11- https://youtu.be/IwujiA1Ckj0 12- https://youtu.be/8_cblUBywZY 13- https://youtu.be/sRW_8jz3JBk 14- https://youtu.be/wI8YO5dv1lg 15- https://youtu.be/45LU1RdZkvo (Music not mine, music belongs to respective owner)

Marina & The Diamonds [speedpaint]

edit: I used Photoshop CS5 and a wacom bamboo tablet to draw this! Since a lot of people have been asking. i was gonna draw homestuck art but my hand clearly doesn't listen to me, so i drew Marina instead because she is super cool and her music is super fantastic !! this took about three hours in photoshop, and the songs are as follows, all by Marina and the Diamonds: --Oh No! --Primadonna --How to be a Heartbreaker

Successful Night! (Special) - Mlp Speedpaint

For those people who didn't know that I added in here, I'm always watching you B) don't forget that xd I couldn't record the sketch tho o.o it was toooooooooooooooOo much I really don’t know what to say about this! I’m just really surprised!! Those people who made this possible.. I just want to say thank you T.T I never thought I'd ever get this far, and less make a drawing like this And those people I added are people who are CoNsTaNtLY supporting me, since I started or close, and I tryed to find a way to thank those people who always give me their support, people that would give without expecting something back, or people who are just friends ^^ And I’m just really sorry I only could only add those 💔 for everyone who is not in the drawing and does support me.. thank you a lot, I want you to know that you’re as important to me As Always the music is a mess OF COURSE IT WAS TO BE A 10K SPECIAL But it took longer that I ever thought ;_; I won’t even say the time cus you will think that Imma nolife I swear I never did something like that before. And I’m kinda pround ^^ But anyway.. ❤❤❤THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 12K SUBSCRIBERS!!! ❤❤❤ ~CREDITS ____ ~OC’s~ ________________ ~Owner~___ Bloody Cupcake___________Bloody Cupcake ChibiBearNick___________Diamond nick star Skaty_______________________SkatingRock Insa____________________Insanitygirl Heart X Blue fire_____________________Blue fire Kuro____________________Joyce Chan uwu Amanda_____________________Izuu Arts Harft Rem_________________ Sabby Pasta Light Heartless___________Absolite Disaster Dess_________________________Dess~ Lollipop Twirl_____________ Lollipop Twirl Seiko_______________________Luna Arts Music Dreams__________ Music Dreams Unknown__________________ElBraian Curly gamer ________________curly gamer Unknown ____________________ Foxoz MyBrother_______________FallBackSnow Jessie _____________________Glamorous Sparkiest Lake__________SparkiesLate 45 HeartLight _______________Shining Heart Quila Dess_________________Quila dess Autumn Heart_____________Autumn Heart Autumn Breeze__________ Autumn Breeze Paint Color_________________Paint Color Flower Sun_______________Flower Sun Mle Fire Dash________________ Blurry Fire Dash Rainbow Brush__________ Rainbow Brush Flash Glimmer_____________Flash Glimmer Music Amor_________Powerponies 231 paw Sachan ____________________SachanArt Kaylee Demonds_________Kaylee Demonds Chris_______________________Christian DraGon Wing_______________DrawonWing BoniBon __________________ BoniBon12 BailaGalia____________________Galia Music: Alessia Cara - Here (Lucian Remix) Geoxor - You & I [NCS Release] Krys Talk - Fly Away [NCS Release]


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Ahh this was so fun to do (^:

I loved the idea of doing the 20 art styles challenge, one of my friends suggested it to me and here ya go
Btw I added some new styles that wasn’t in other videos ^^ I wanted to make it a bit different like the ‘La leyenda de la llorona’ omg that is from some animated Mexican movie,
the.. the spirit man uwu

I don’t blame you probably thinking this is a joke or something not ‘realistic’. It’s just weird to make a colorful pony Oc on too many styles, but
mlp speedpainters or colorful Ocs don’t lose advantage tho, and here is the proof (?
Feel free to do it if you want! it doesn’t need to be the same styles,
That’s up to you !

I really hope you enjoy ❤

It’s been one week since my birthday and I’ve received many good wishes from all of you! Even some gifts and drawings XD Gracias!

Gracias por tal cantidad de suscriptores!! ;0;

Finished picture: http://magicalbrownie.deviantart.com/art/20-Art-Styles-Challenge-660833964?ga_submit_new=10%3A1485916743

Paint tool Sai

Time taken: ALOT

●Futuristik - Little Bit (feat. Sethh) [NCS Release]
●Goblins from Mars - Bitter World (ft. Bombermenslug)
●Mystery Skulls - Soul On Fire

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