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Why I'm Home Early from Rotary Youth Exchange

Hi guys, As I said in the video, this is for all of you who have kept up with my exchange student videos and are curious about what happened. I think it's super important for me to go on record and tell my story but also let everyone know that I still think Rotary Youth Exchange is a great program. I had some amazing times in Italy but the situation just wasn't right for me at this point in my life. I hope you all take this video for what it is and maybe it could possibly help someone down the road. I only made this video to help other exchange students and be there for someone, anyone, even one person. When I was at my lowest point in Italy, I would have loved to see a video like this to know that I wasn't alone. Take what you want from it but regardless, it's important to talk openly about exchange. If you have any questions feel free to message my email or facebook. Thank you for being so lovely and understanding, xoxo -Cal.

SPEND A DAY WITH ME IN JAPAN! + Mini Haul | Euodias

Enjoy~~!! xx Euodias ▶︎ MUSIC USED ◀︎ ▻ With Friends ▶︎ Playful Kiss OST ▶︎ CONTACT ME ◀︎ ▻ Email ▶︎ euodias_pxps@hotmail.com ▻ Instagram ▶︎ @euo.coeur (https://www.instagram.com/euo.coeur/) ▻ Snapchat ▶︎ @euodias ▻ Twitter ▶︎ @euodiastweets (https://twitter.com/euodiastweets)

Trap Adventure 2 - WHO MADE THIS GAME AND WHY 😡😡? ! " 🤰😡 - #001

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My First Travel Vlog | Family Trip To San Diego- 2018 | Real Homemaking

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Hi everyone! My name is Savannah and I'm living the best year of my life! I'm an exchange student from the Netherlands living in the America for a year. If you want to see more of me: Instagram: savannahvdijk Snapchat: savannahvdijk

I will be A Rotary Youth Exchange student, for the 2018-2019 year. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I will do my best to record and vlog this.

Music - A-GON Karlita

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