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Meet Other Exchange Students With Me!

This is me going on the biggest Rotary trip planned here in Japan! I had fun meeting people from around the world and talking to them. I believe this video is shot in Narita which is also the city that has one of Japan's largest airports.

Why I'm Home Early from Rotary Youth Exchange

Hi guys, As I said in the video, this is for all of you who have kept up with my exchange student videos and are curious about what happened. I think it's super important for me to go on record and tell my story but also let everyone know that I still think Rotary Youth Exchange is a great program. I had some amazing times in Italy but the situation just wasn't right for me at this point in my life. I hope you all take this video for what it is and maybe it could possibly help someone down the road. I only made this video to help other exchange students and be there for someone, anyone, even one person. When I was at my lowest point in Italy, I would have loved to see a video like this to know that I wasn't alone. Take what you want from it but regardless, it's important to talk openly about exchange. If you have any questions feel free to message my email or facebook. Thank you for being so lovely and understanding, xoxo -Cal.

White girls in Japan - Japan Exchange vlog

Hello! In this video Rebecka and I had some exams and went to meet up with Kenzie afterwards. We went to do Purikura and even Karaoke. Obviously we had to get chicken nuggets too.. ☞ Camera stuff Final Cut Pro X GoPro Hero 4 iPhone 5s ☞ tell me a joke Twitter @lelaylaosanaca Instagram @daileayt ☞ ominous background music USO - SID (シド) https://bit.ly/2rK14Nx Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande https://bit.ly/1RMgLpG Hyoryu (漂流) - SID (シド) https://bit.ly/2rOiyXY herbal tea - Artificial music https://bit.ly/2xH3htE SoundCloud https://bit.ly/1r8TGaE Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://bit.ly/1b8Hyff Music promoted by Audio Library https://bit.ly/2KcCfQS Enjoy!

One Week in Germany | My Thoughts as an American Football Player

I pride myself on never selling out! In this video, I talk about some things that have stood out to me or I've experienced being back in Germany for one week. Please enjoy, and remember that I'm 100% serious and truthful about all things in my videos. In 2015/2016, I made an exchange year/gap year to Germany as part of the CBYX/PPP program. As an American, it was always so interesting to me the differences, both small and large, between culture in the U.S. and culture in Germany. Luckily, this summer I was able to spend and week here in Germany before traveling on to more adventures. If you would like to keep updated with the adventures you can follow me on Instagram at: @ALMOSTAUSTIN Topics Covered in this video are -The German Language -Clean WC in Train Stations -Driving Through Small German Towns -Taking Pictures in Public (German Privacy) -Road signs on the Autobahn - "Ausfahrt" and why I'm 11 years old' -German Windmills -German Radio - Some other stuff probably A video by Austin Perkins Otter Space Production 2018

Rotary Youth Exchange 2018 (Finding Out My Country!!)

Hey Everyone! My name is Ally Smith and I am here to talk about my experience with the Rotary Youth Exchange. More specifically finding out my country! Hope it helps if you are thinking about exchange or are currently in the process! Thanks, more to come! BTW: Sorry about microphone quality, it will be fixed by the next video! Music: Chill Wave by Kevin MacLeod

I will be A Rotary Youth Exchange student, for the 2018-2019 year. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I will do my best to record and vlog this.

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