2017 SWM X7 - Seven-Seater Heir of An Italian Motorcycle

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5 Real Flying Cars That Actually Fly

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Build a Motorized Bike at home - Tutorial

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2018 Brilliance V7 Flagship SUV Full Car Overview

Brilliance is a Chinese brand that most of you have never heard of, but it exists, and the company even has a partnership with BMW on the former’s domestic market. Together with BMW, Brilliance owns half of BMW Brilliance, which is a joint venture that manufactures, distributes, and sells products of the German brand in China. The Asian corporation also owns a minibus company named Jinbei, which operates on its domestic market. You might think that Brilliance is a small player, but it had the capacity to built 800,000 cars in 2010, and it has since invested in expanding its capabilities. Back in 2007, Brilliance launched a model in Europe, the BS6, which was followed by the BS4. The first of them was crash-tested by Germany’s ADAC, which only gave it a star out of five for its performance. While Landwind was the first Chinese brand that attempted to sell vehicles in Europe and failed, Brilliance Auto got the unwanted change of being second. With the help of BMW, the employees at Brilliance might have a shot at developing models that could attain decent results in European crashworthiness tests, which is an important step that must be undertaken to guarantee a chance of success on the Old Continent. According to reports, the Brilliance V7 is set to become the brand’s most expensive model ever offered. With that in mind, along with BMW’s collaboration with this company, there is a chance that the Chinese might consider selling it in Europe. The latter hypothesis could explain why Brilliance bothers with testing its prototype in winter conditions in Europe, and this could be one of the reasons why they are undergoing these efforts. A look at the spyshots reveals a conventionally-designed SUV, with familiar shapes, but without any blatant copying of Western brands. It features a front grille that reminds us of an older off-roader from Mitsubishi, but with a twist in the form of a triangle-shaped element. Meanwhile, its front and rear lights do not resemble anything else on the European market.

2018 Hanteng X7 Flagship SUV Launched On The Chinese Car Market

Hanteng Auto’s second model X5 will be sold tomorrow. Liao Xionghui, Vice President of Hanteng Auto told reporters that, Hanteng will launch two new models of X5 and X7S this year and it will also take efforts in alternative energy area at the middle of October. He has great confidence in accomplishing the annual target. It’s known that the second phrase project of Hanteng Auto Industrial Park, located in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province with a total investment of RMB 10b has begun construction. It will provide an annual capacity of 300,000 units for traditional and alternative energy vehicles, which is expected to be put into operation in 2018. Hanteng Auto will have a total annual capacity of 450,000 units after the completion of project, providing more capacity for the launch of new models. It’s known that Hanteng Auto is actively applying car qualification. Besides, it has begun research work and will export vehicles to overseas market in the next year. Hanteng X7 DM PHEV version, three hybrid PHEV version and EV version have been released and are expected to be launched in the year. In the future, Hanteng Auto will also launch X5 BEV model, alternative energy MPV and large-size B-class alternative energy SUV models. The new Hanteng X7 SUV has been launched on the Chinese car market, and that means we now have four X-Sevens in China; the Hanteng X7, the Lifan Maiwai X7, the Landwind X7, and the upcoming Zotye Damai X7. Design of the Hanteng X7 is a tad too close to the Volkswagen Touareg, with some BMW and Audi thrown into the mix. Not bad, but pretty generic. The Hanteng X7 is the first child of a new car company called Hanteng Autos, with an S at the end. The Chinese name is Hanteng Qiche, full name is Jiangxi Hanteng Automobile Corporation, founded in 2013 in the great city of Shangrao in Jiangxi Province. Next up is a compact SUV. Name is yet unknown, but we bet it will be called Hanteng X5. The interior is all right. The black plastics look rather cheap, and the steering wheel doesn’t look very 2016. The fake wood is good. Touch screen is big enough. Dials are analogue. The Hanteng X7 is available with two engines: a 1.5 turbo with 150hp and 215nm, and a 2.0 turbo with 190hp and 250nm. The 1.5 turbo is mated to a five-speed manual and the 2.0 turbo to a six-speed DCT. The engines are sourced from Mitsubishi, manufactured in China by the Shenyang-Mitsubishi engine-making joint venture. This outfit sells engines to almost every small Chinese automaker. The 2.0 turbo for example also serves under the hood of the… Landwind X7 and the Zotye Damai X7. Same engine, same name. Same same. Hanteng name in English on the back. The company hasn’t opened a dealer in Beijing yet and I doubt they ever will. This sort of cars from this sort of brands usually stays near the second tier cities where they were born. Music Credit : PACIFIC SUN by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/kbqmEJTr3nU

The new Brilliance-Shineray X7 MPV has been launched on the Chinese car market, looking rather good with a large grille, usable roof rails, sporty alloys, and racy red brakes. Price starts at 85.900 yuan and ends at 106.900 yuan. The X7 is positioned for some serious battle, right amidst the ultra hot mini MPV segment.

Names combining letters and numbers are not protected in China, so we now got five X-sevens on the market! The others are the Hanteng X7, the Lifan Maiwai X7, the Landwind X7, and the upcoming Zotye Damai X7.

Brilliance-Shineray is a joint venture between Brilliance Automotive and Shineray Motorcycle Company, one of China’s largest motorbike makers. They make a range of minivans and mini MPVs under the Jinbei brand, which is owned by Brilliance.

SWM is a new sub-brand. It comes from the Italian motorbike maker SWM Motorcycles, which was bought by Shineray in 2014. That’s why the X7 has an Italian flag on the front fender.

SWM stands for Sironi Vergani-Vimercate Milano (SV-VM -- SVVM --- SWM), the names of the founders of SWM combined, with the two Vs combined to a W.

Sineray changed the meaning to Speedy Working Motors after they bought the company. But, surprise surprise, it has a new meaning again; it now means Start, Win More.

The interior looks very good for the segment. Materials and quality are impressive. Color scheme a tad too dark in this car, but we bet you can get something lighter too. Eye catcher is the giant 12 inch touch screen that controls everything except the air conditioning.

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