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Psycho Mantis Reads Your Memory Card (PSX)

Finding out that you've played Azure Dreams, Castlevania Symphony Of The Night, Suikoden and Vandal Hearts


Quite a spooky experience... songs- Jotaro's Theme Roundabout

deadmau5 delete's this awesome track???

This continuing saga of sub-par mau5 work. Deadmau5 writes a beautiful chord progression from scratch with arps from Cthulhu and synths by Serum. Both from For your viewing convenience this video was 'selected' and labeled from a longer stream from April 25, 2016. The original full stream can be viewed here in it's entirety: I hope you find this helpful or intriguing or entertaining. ENJOY! Subscribe to Oskillator for more of these best-of's Subscribe to Deadmau5

How To Learn Japanese (Or Any Language)

I've felt that I've needed to make a tutorial on how to learn a language, considering how I've learnt Japanese and that people often ask me how to. Thank you for watching. Japanese From Zero- music-


I Really, Really Like This Meme. Thanks for watching.

This image hurts me

music- why are we still here metal gear solid

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