No Man's Sky

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Found Another Players Base Robbed it for 2.5 Million No Man's Sky

All in good fun. No animals harmed. My NMS video playlist is here.. Thanks for your support

How Long Can Grand Theft Auto V Last?

Grand Theft Auto V has had a historic run. But with releases of Red Dead Redemption 2, a potential new Grand Theft Auto game imminent in coming years, and a growing disdain for microtransactions like shark cards, how long can the game really last for? Gameplay used: Instrumentals used: Kendrick Lamar - Rigamortis: Joey Bada$$ - Christ Conscious: ---------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA/SUPPORT ME: ► Twitter: ► Twitch: ► Donate here: --------------------- SPONSORS: ► Buy a TubeBuddy subscription and help launch your YouTube channel with its' amazing tools! ► Comfortable, affordable Gaming Chairs: ► Creator-friendly MCN Talentsy! --------------------- CREDITS: ► Thumbnail/Outro/Artwork done by Gromski: --------------------- OPEN CS:GO CASES AND SUPPORT ME! ► CS:GO Case (Optimus Contraband) ► CS:GO Case (Optimus Exo)


Today we're going all in on Ship Weapons, covering every weapon available for your ship in the game and assessing it's strengths and comparison to other weapons in it's field. Click here to Support Xaine's World on Patreon and get all non-live videos early! Ship Weapon Layouts: • Positron DPS,d3ssd2,d4ss,d5ssc2,e3ssr1,e4ssr3,e5ssc3,f3ssd1,f4ssr2,f5ssd3 • Photon Cannon DPS,d3sgd2,d4sg,d5sgc2,e3sgr1,e4sgr3,e5sgc3,f3sgd1,f4sgr2,f5sgd3 • Phase Beam DPS,e3sld1,e4sld3,e5slc3,f3slc1,f4sld2,f5slc2 • Infra-Knife Accelerator DPS,d3smd2,d4sm,d5smc2,e3smr1,e4smr3,e5smc3,f3smd1,f4smr2,f5smd3 • Cyclotron Ballista DPS,d3sbd2,d4sp,d5sbc2,e3sbr1,e4sbr3,e5sbc3,f3sbd1,f4sbr2,f5sbd3 • Rocket Launcher/Phase Beam Combo in Technology,a2ssb2,a8lock,a9lock,b1ssh,b2ssb3,b3ssb1,b8lock,b9lock,c1sj1,c2sj3,c3sj2,d1h,d2hb3,d3hb1,d8sr,d9scc,e1lau,e2hb2,e8sl,e9sce,f8slc3,f9slc2,g8sld3,g9sld2,h8sld1,h9slc1 Ket's Ship Weapons Stats and Build Layouts Spreadsheet Timestamps: 00:14 The Setup 01:04 Positron Ejector 02:39 Photon Cannon 04:29 Phase Beam 07:07 Infra-Knife Accelerator 08:53 Rocket Launcher 10:26 Cyclotron Ballista 12:15 Rankings 14:18 Build Layouts 15:14 Tips 17:27 Vote on my Fighter Helpful Videos for Beginner's & Veterans alike: • Exosuit Guide • Trading Guide • Farming Guide: Beginner • Farming Guide: Intermediate • Farming Guide Advanced • Living Glass Farm Build • Circuit Board Farm Build • Stasis Device Farm Build Guide • Gas Cooperative • Prepare for What Comes NEXT • S Class Experimental Multitool • S Class Fighter • S Class Hauler • S Class Freighter Helpful Tools: • Farmers Market • Shopping List Calculator • Rare Resource Portal List (2 Glyphs - Euclid) • Technology Resource Calculator • Ket's Layout Editor Schedule: Monday - Video -- 8pm BST/12am PST Tuesday - Mass Effect Stream -- 5pm BST/9am PST Wednesday - N/A Thursday - Fallout: New Vegas Stream -- 5pm BST/9am PST Friday - Weekly G-Log -- 8pm BST/12am PST Saturday - N/A Sunday - NMS Permadeath Stream -- 5pm BST/9am PST Check me out on: • • • • • Music (In Order): • Aude - Morrow • Phaura - Departure • Ace - The Lonely Man • Bayou - Dream • Benhurzz - Stargaze • Benhurzz - Chasing Nothing • Echo3zDown - Like Nothing Felt Before • Silent Partner - Strange Ways • Frakture - Hindsight • NV_D - Dripping • Silent Partner - Magic Marker • Aude • Phaura • Ace • bayou • benhurzz • Echo3zDown • Frakture • NV_D! Facebook: Soundcloud: heroboard – free music to free your mind » Instagram: » Discord: » Instagram:


The Evolution of No Man's Sky from 2016 to 2018. This video includes all the major updates for No Man's Sky up until today, as well as everything you need to know before the NEXT update. This is a comprehensive overview of all the major updates No Man's Sky has had in the past two years, from Foundation, Path Finder up until Atlas Rises. With the release of the NEXT update for No Man's Sky, many newcomers will want to know all the information shown in this video. No Man's Sky was released on august 2016 on Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Up until now, it had 4 major updates 1. The Foundation update, which added base building, the possibility to purchase freighters, new game modes and graphics improvements. 2. Path Finder update, which introduced three new vehicle types in No Man's Sky, called exocrafts., added starship and multitool specializations, online base sharing as well as improving everything from the previous Foundation update. 3. Atlas Rises is the current update for No Man's Sky. It's biggest features were the new improved story line and mission system, activated portals, crashed freighters, new galactic view and planet biomes and many other features. For more details, don't forget to check out the No Man's Sky main website. No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update 1.3 Playlist: Join in the adventure! - Help me reach 10.000 subs : - Follow me on Twitter: No Man's Sky, No Mans Sky 2018, Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises, Hello Games, Sean Murray, NEXT, No Man's Sky Next Update, No Man's Sky XBOX, No Man's Sky Gameplay, No Man's Sky 2018, No Man's Sky Next, No Man's Sky 1.5, NMS NEXT, NMS XOBX ONE, NMS PS4, NMS PC, NMS MODS, No Man's Sky 2018 Review, No Man's Sky Sean Murray, Let's Play No Man's Sky, No Man's Sky Ultra Settings, No Man's Sky Redeemed, No Man's Sky Galactic Hub, No Man's Sky Series, No Man's Sky Gameplay 2018, NMS 2018, No Mans Sky Review 2018, No Mans Sky All Updates 2018, No Mans Sky Amazing, Waking Titan, Ware, NMS Waking TItan, WareTech, NMS Atlas Pass V4, NMS 1.4 Update.

Gaming Culture: Whatever happened to the RTS Genre?

The RTS genre was the greatest thing possible 20 years ago. But somewhere along the line something was lost. Fewer games were released, fewer games were successful, fewer innovated and even fewer have enough staying power to become part of the culture, just as their predecessors. So, what happened? If you like this Video don't Hesitate to Press the Like Button and Share with your Friends ! Oh, and if you want more videos HIT the Red Subscribe Button ! If you like our work and want to support us, you can become our patrons. ► ► ►Join Now on our Discord Server ! ►Steemit Use this Links ! ► to buy Games on GOG to Support us ► to buy Games on GMG to Support us ► to buy Games on Humble Bundle to Support us Amazon UK Affiliate Link: ► Amazon USA Affiliate Link: ► Amazon Germany Affiliate Link: ► Amazon France Affiliate Link : ► Amazon Italy Affiliate Link: ► Amazon Spain Affiliate Link: ► Host Links: ►Unacomn's Twitter ►Unacomn's Book (Tale of Doom) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Be Sociable !♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ▶Steam ▶Twitter: ▶Google+ : All Rights Reserved. Copyright ©

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