The Bulgarian Alphabet - An Easy Way to Learn!

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Learn Bulgarian: The Bulgarian Alphabet (Българската азбука)

I just started a blog about Bulgarian and thought you might like it. At the moment I only have 3 articles on the alphabet. I'll be posting a new grammar principle or exercise every week. Here is the link:

Bulgarian Alphabet

Learn the Bulgarian Alphabet

This video is part of the video course to learn Bulgarian online. Find more videos and instructions to learn the Bulgarian alphabet and start speaking and understanding basic Bulgarian.

Bulgarian Alphabet Interactive Practice Activity

This video is about Bulgarian Alphabet Practice Activity

English Alphabet Sounds

Follow Shaw English: Sarah as she says the English alphabet including all the vowel and consonant sounds. This is the second video in the English Phonics video series. Always repeat after the teacher to improve your English pronunciation. ——————————— Message from Robin Shaw ———————————— Hello, I am Robin Shaw. Thank you for watching my videos. I’m a Canadian who lives in Korea, but loves to travel to many countries and meet students. I have been an English teacher for almost 20 years. I love teaching students from around the world. Please help and support this channel by subscribing, commenting, sharing, and clicking ‘like’ on my videos. ———————————— Check us out! ———————————— Please support us through Patreon: Website: Official Facebook: Naver Café (네이버 카페): Learn English With Robin (Facebook Group) Whatsapp: Learn English With Robin Instagram: Twitter: Google +: ———————————— My Other Channel ———————————— If you are interested in Korea, this is my other YouTube channel: Website: Official Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google +:

Learn Bulgarian by starting from the alphabet and memorizing some common Bulgarian words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. It is easy, fun and will allow you to read the Cyrillic script. If you want to read more about the benefits of mastering the alphabet, check my article: Smile, have fun and learn Bulgarian :)

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