My Complete Disney/Pixar Blu-Ray Collection - May 2015 Update

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Complete Disney/Pixar Blu-Ray Collection - May 2013 Update

These are all of the most current releases of all the Disney/Pixar films available in the United States as of May 2013, as well as the short film collections. The ones I show are the most "detailed" packs available, meaning that if the film is available in 3D, that's what I have. There are other regular 2D releases of all the films I show that are in 3D, but I don't have them and so I didn't show them here.

My Disney/Marvel Blu-Ray Collection - 2015

All of my Disney & Marvel Blu-Rays & Funko My Collection...Remember to hit that LIKE button........and SUBSCRIBE......Please...LOL.....Thanx 4 Watching NEW 2016 COLLECTION VIDEO: (Cinderella Trailer) :

My Complete Cartoon Network DVD Collection!

Here's an in-depth look at my complete collection of Cartoon Network DVDs. I don't have nearly as many of these as I do Nickelodeon, and the main reason is that not as many of my favorite Cartoon Network shows have been released on DVD, aside from the first or second seasons. So I hope you all enjoy this video :) Check out my other videos! The Jetsons Complete Series DVD Collection Disney's DuckTales Collection with Treasure of the Lost Lamp CatDog the Complete Series on DVD Nickelodeon

Biggest and most complete DISNEY PIXAR Blu ray Collection

My Disney Blu Ray Collection and my Pixar Blu Ray Collection 43 out of the 52 Disney movies that I own in blu ray, except the 6 "pack movies", 2 of the Winnie The Pooh and The Black Cauldron. Steelbooks from Future Shop Canada, Best Buy USA. All the Pixar movies are in too, Steelbooks from Germany and Best Buy, except Monsters University. Hope you enjoy as much as I do own in them :D!!!!

Surprise Boxes Angry Birds, Penguins of Madagascar, Disney Pixar Cars 2, Monsters University

Welcome to Funtoys Channel with surprise toys unboxing. Music from Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

As requested by a few people in the past, here is an update of my entire Disney/Pixar Blu-Ray (and one DVD) collection. In this video, I show every single Disney/Pixar movie currently available (as of May 2015).

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Disney/Pixar UP Blu-Ray 3D DVD Combo Pack Unboxing

Toy Story of Terror Pixar Blu-Ray Unboxing

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray/DVD Unboxing

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