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FE Civil Exam advice and tips

My thoughts and advice on the fundamentals of engineering civil exam . I recently took and passed the exam and this is my way of trying to contribute to the online community that helped me prepare.

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Good books on python

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Which Civil PE Exam is the Easiest? Which Civil PE Exam is the Easiest? I get this question A LOT. Before I answer it, I have a question for you. Do you have your Civil Engineering Reference Manual (aka CERM) near by? If so, grab it because you’ll need it to understand the answer. There. Now, the CERM is divided into the 5 civil engineering specializations I talked about last week. (If you didn’t see that video, click ) Each category has a lot of valuable information, but the quantity of information varies widely. Also, keep in mind that each specialization has a certain number of standards that you have to bring into the exam. You should consider both of these items when you’re wondering about which PE exam is the easiest. In all honesty, to be adequately prepared for ANY of the PE exams, it will take A LOT of time and effort on your part, but this CEA Quick Tips video will help you narrow down: Which specializations require the least/most prep What the required standards are for the PE exam And finally, my opinion on the Top 2 “easiest” PE exams.

The Civil Engineering Reference Manual has changed it's name to the PE Civil Reference Manual (still CERM for some reason). This is the 16th edition that just came out this year (2018). It is the go to reference for your civil PE exam. Check out my own take of it and let me know if you have any questions on it!

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