History about Thiruengoimalai Maragadachaleswarar Temple

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யாரும் அறிந்திராத அனுமனின் காதல் கதை| திருமணம் | மகன் | lord h...

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Moondravathu Kan [Epi-474] | "The Statue Of Bogar In Different Style " | Trichy, TN

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துன்பங்களை போக்கும் தும்பூர் தாங்கல் நாகம்மன் கோவில் l T...

தும்பூர் தாங்கல் நாகம்மன் கோவில் l Thumbur nagamman story music credits - music credits India - Royalty Free Music Download from http://www.bensound.com Sri Nagakanniamman Temple ,Thumbur,Viluppuram Moolavar : Nagakanniamman Urchavar : – Amman / Thayar : – Thala Virutcham : – Theertham : – Agamam / Pooja : – Old year : 500 years old Historical Name : – City : Thumbur District : Viluppuram State : Tamil Nadu Festival: Special pujas are performed in the temple on Fridays in Chithirai month (April-May) and on Mattupongal (Kanum Pongal) day falling almost on April 15 each year. Temple’s Speciality: We are surprised to see some idols that are as tall as 21 feet, 41 feet and 77 feet in some temples. But our elders had made a snake idol that is 10 km long. As it is not possible to see this snake idol in complete form at a time, people have to see the head at a point and the tail at a distance of 10 km. This snake deity is worshipped as Naga Kanni – Naga-snake, Kanni-virgin deity in this context. Opening Time: The temple is open from 7.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and for a short time in morning and evening in other days. Address: Sri Nagakanniamman Temple,Thumbur,Villupuram Dist.

பேய்களுக்கும் தற்கொலைக்கும் உள்ள தொடர்பு | பேய் என்றால...

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Thirumoolar Thirumanthiram Part-1 | திருமூலர் அருளிய திருமந்திரம் | Dr. Sudha Seshayyan #TirumularThirumanthiram #Tirumandiram #Kundalini #Spirituality #பத்தாம்திருமுறை #திருமூலர் #திருமந்திரம் #வேதவாக்கு #முதல்தந்திரம் #திருமூலர்அருளியதிருமந்திரம் #சுதாசேஷையன் #SudhaSeshayyan

History about Thiruengoimalai Maragadachaleswarar Temple

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சபரிமலையில் பெண்கள் அனுமதி மறுக்கப்படுதற்கான காரணங்கள்

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Thiruengoimalai Maragadachaleswarar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Eengoimalai in Trichy district of Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is Shiva. He is called as Maragadachaleswarar and Eengoinathar. His consort is Maragadambikai.

As per alegend, Vayu Bhaghvan and Adiseshan had a dispute to find out who is superior, to prove the superiority adiseshan encircled the Kailasam, Vayu tried to remove this encircle by creating santamarutham (Twister). Because of the santamarutham, 8 kodumudigal (parts) fell from kailasam into 8 different places which are Thirugonamalai, Sri Lanka, Thirukalahasti, Thiruchiramalai, Thiruengoimalai or Thiruenkoimalai, Rajathagiri, Neerthagiri, Ratnagiri, and Suwethagiri or Thirupangeeli .

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