Kuha tau ng Shrimps at HALAAN sa BEACH😍😍😉

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sa isla ng lubang sa barrio binacas.... sino b tlga nakahuli ng pugita???

2018潮干狩りシーズン到来!#3 アサリのいる場所と知っておきたい貝掘りのコツ!

前回の潮干狩りでは、アサリやマテ貝・ニシ貝にツメタガイといろんな種類の貝が沢山採れました。 今回の潮干狩りでは、アサリのいる場所と知っておきたい 貝掘りのコツを紹介します。 2018年今シーズン始まったばかりです。 なんてったって今年は大潮が週末に重なるケースが多く、 貝掘りが楽しめる当り年だからです! さぁ家族で潮干狩りに出かけましょう! ※みなさんで潮干狩りを毎年楽しむ為に、 ルールを守ってアサリの殻長3Cm以下は再放流しましょう。 フリーBGM DOVA-SYNDROME https://dova-s.jp/ フリーBGM素材・音楽素材「甘茶の音楽工房」 http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/image_honobono.html

A days shrimping on the Suffolk coast

Armed with nothing more than a push-net and a cartridge bag, Steve harvested a few pints of shrimp only a stone's throw from Simon's house. I was intrigued by his tales, and despite being a landlubber with an aversion to getting wet, I foolishly agreed to go out shrimping with him at the next opportunity. Steve made his push-net in a similar way to how he imagined the late television presenter Jack Hargreaves would have done so. Trawling through his cluttered shed, he found an old carp-landing net, a few broom shanks and some cable ties (which, like duct tape, is an invention I'm sure Jack would have appreciated). A fruitful few hours spent sawing, thumping, snipping — and swearing — resulted in a shrimp push-net of some quality. This flat-pack net was designed to be carted about easily on a pushbike, the mode of transport used when shrimp netting was last in vogue. Once the push-net was assembled, Steve picked it up and stomped off towards the sea with intent. He was wearing protection on his feet to avoid the danger of being stung by a weever fish, which would undoubtedly have curtailed our foray and dampened his enthusiasm. Experience bequeaths that the secret of a push-net is the angle of the scraper and the way it caresses the seabed. With the sea lapping just above his knees, Steve pushed his net along, and anything lurking on or just below the sand was immediately caught. Checking it every 50 or so yards, Steve relieved his green net of any non-target species, such as jellyfish and countless crabs, returning them unharmed to the sea, while any shrimp were carefully placed inside his cartridge bag. http://www.shootingtimes.co.uk/features/540158/Shrimping_video_Sun_sea_and_shrimp.html

Gigantic Mantis Shrimp Of Christmas Island: Catch Them With Your Bare Hands!!!

Music: "Cruel Summer" by Ace Of Base. This was just a small part of our Christmas Island/Kiritimati Island adventure.

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