[Star Ocean Anamnesis] The Maze Tribulations: Maze of Curses 10F to 12F [Normal & Hard]

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Star Ocean: Anamnesis - Transmutation Guide / How to Farm 5 Star Weapons!

Welcome to my guide on how to transmute weapons. Here I'll be showing you how transmutation works and how to farm 1 and 2 star weapons. Eventually you'll be able to create a 5 star weapon through transmutation with this guide.

Star Ocean Anamnesis ( Freya Gameplay ) Mobile iOS / Android Game

Me, using my most favorite character from Valkyrie Profile, takes on one of the Event Bosses in SOA! Special participation of Lezard Valeth lol

[Star Ocean Anamnesis] Maze Tribulations: Temple of Elements (Vulnerable to Lightning) 10F to 12F

Star Ocean Anamnesis - Item Shop Guide - Gems & Item Exhange Global Tips - What Is Worth Getting

There are so many items and gems available to purchase and exchange for. Out of all of them in Star Ocean Anamnesis I discuss what is best to buy and why, also why items may or may not be worth getting. Star Ocean Anamnesis Tips and Hints can be found in multiple guides throughout my channel on in the Star Ocean Anamnesis English Playlist too. Be sure to like, comment, and Subscribe :)

Star Ocean Anamnesis Global Hints & Tips Release Guide

Star Ocean Anamnesis released on global today! Use this guide to know what to use your gems on and what to do to make your start the best it can be. I've been playing the Japan version since day one. Also don't forget to change your loan character.

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