Talking Tuesday Q & A with the Starch Queens - May 8, 2018

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Dr. Frank Sabatino - WFPB, Juicing and Fasting - It can Save your Life!

Balance for Life Retreat Program in Deerfield Beach, Florida. A vegan lifestyle education center specializing in plant-based vegan nutrition, health rejuvenation, stress management and therapeutic fasting and detoxification. Dr. Sabatino is a Chiropractic physician who also has a Ph.D. in cell biology and neuroendocrinology from the Emory University School of Medicine. While an assistant professor at the University of Texas School of Medicine, he did extensive landmark research on calorie restriction, stress and aging, and has published a number of major scientific papers in some of the most well-respected peer reviewed journals in the fields of cell biology, aging, endocrinology and neuroscience. Did your medical training prepare you for treating people through nutritional medicine and lifestyle interventions? How long have you been plant based? Is your family plant based? How did you get connected with the NHA? Who are some of the pioneers from the American Natural Hygiene Society? Which is now the NHA You are widely recognized as an expert in water-only fasting. Share this journey. Fasting is becoming recognized as a treatment plan. What diseases can this help? What changes in health can people experience undergoing a fast? I know you offer water only fasting as well as juice fasting. When would you use juice fasting vs water only? What is the difference? How does the body react to juicing vs water fasting? What are the different types of fasting? And when would you recommend to complete them? Intermittent, Weekend, continual Can I do fasting at home? Once people come off of a fast, how should they transition and what should they eat? When you begin this transition, will your digestive system have to undergo some changes? Speaking of changes, once you begin this program, will you see changes at the cellular level? Share with us your current program. How does it work? How long do people typically stay? What changes have you observed? What advice can you give to help a person to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally to begin a change to a plant based way of living?

Starch Queens' Talking Tuesday Q & A 3-6-18

Starch Queens' Talking Tuesday Q&A: the latest Q&A we discuss: Vitamin B12 (and 2 types), D2 vs D3, How to begin a plant-based lifestyle, What is Ghee butter? Pure Haven Essentials - toner, scrub, Geranium Lime Body Oil (these are non toxic products!!!) Visit for lots of plant-based resources!

Talking Tuesday -Dr. David Duniaef - Q&A with the Starch Queens Oct 23, 2018

Oct. 23 - Dr. David Duniaef - Continuing Conversation on Heart Disease with the Starch Queens You can find our program at Check out our resources at Subscribe to our Youtube Channel – Starch Queens Dr. David Duniaef He is an Internist specializing in lifestyle medicine. His focus is on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases through nutrition, fitness and stress management. His website is What is Heart Disease? Overview of the Montefiore Conference Kim Williams - Healthy vs unhealthy vegan Kim Williams - fish oil and no primary benefit Caldwell Esselstyn Neal Barnard Michelle McMacken Omega 3 vs Omega 6 - focus on getting the right ratio, which you can do by eating WFPB Q - could erectile dysfunction be a serious warning for heart disease? Most ED is due to atherosclerosis. Too many plaques in your arteries. There are other aspects... but most is due to clogged arteries. This can be reversed with WFPB lifestyle. Diabetics are at a higher risk for coronary artery disease. Are their issues with fast food? Need to worry about Ratio of Omega 6 to 3 Eliminate animal protein to reduce inflammation What is the cause of most erectile dysfunction? Q - Can Dry brushing help the circulatory system? This brushing effects the outer skin and can help with skin issues, but to reverse the clogged arteries, it must come from nutrition. Q- Statins? Yes or no? Do statins prevent us from heart disease? Jane Brody - NY Times - CDC Put out challenge to reduce heart disease. Issues with sodium - Plants naturally contain sodium. Study - Pure Trial - compares high vs low sodium Is it ok to stop statins abrunbtyly? Is there a specific test that will show plaque? Is it a good idea to take a baby aspirin a day? My C-Reactive Protein test is high... what can I do? Can you eat too much kale? Tests show there is plastic in your urine. Does a person on blood thinners need to be careful with eating kale? Can a WPFB lifestyle help Klippel–Trénaunay syndrome (KTS or KT)? A rare congenital medical condition in which blood vessels and/or lymph vessels fail to form properly. Discussion of Beta blockers.

Talking Tuesday -Q&A with the Starch Queens Nov 7, 2018

Join Connect Today’s topics include: Question - Martina Staal shares...that she is on a quest for the perfect hair conditioner How to Eat an Avocado Seed 51 Names of sugar Reading a nutrition label Intermittent Fasting Quest for Perfect Conditioner Martina Staal shares...that she is on a quest for the perfect hair conditioner. She asked us about Avalon Organics Strengthening Peppermint Conditioner. She found this on the EWG list...but is concerned and wanted to know our opinion. How to Eat an Avocado Seed 51 Names of sugar Agave nectar Barbados sugar Barley malt Malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried in a process known as "malting". The grains are made to germinate by soaking in water, and are then halted from germinating further by drying with hot air.Malting grains develops the enzymes required for modifying the grain's starches into various types of sugar. Barley malt syrup Beet sugar Brown sugar Buttered syrup Cane juice Cane juice crystals Cane sugar Caramel Carob syrup Castor sugar Coconut palm sugar Coconut sugar Confectioner’s sugar Corn sweetener Corn syrup Corn syrup solids Date sugar Dehydrated cane juice Demerara sugar Dextrin Dextrose Evaporated cane juice Free-flowing brown sugars Fructose Fruit juice concentrate Glucose Glucose solids Golden sugar Golden syrup Grape sugar HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) Icing sugar Invert sugar Malt syrup Maltodextrin Maltol Maltose Mannose Molasses Muscovado Palm sugar Panocha Powdered sugar Raw sugar Refiner’s syrup Rice syrup Saccharose Sorghum syrup Sucrose Sugar (granulated) Sweet sorghum Syrup Treacle Turbinado sugar Yellow sugar Also be on the lookout for Unrefined, Added Sugar… Honey Pure maple syrup Reading a nutrition label Discuss salt Sugar Intermittent Fasting: Keytones Glucose

Dr. Neal Barnard Discusses The Cheese Trap - Part 3

Part III How Does Cheese Keep you Hooked! 1.The University asked the question which foods do you find most addictive? You share with us the results of that study? 2. So is there really a lot of salt in pizza? 3. Is salt and appetite stimulant? If so why? 4. Let’s talk about casein! What secrets does this protein molecule have to tell? 5. You call “cheese” the equivalent of dairy “crack”. Would you explain this analogy? 6. In your book you discuss breastmilk and postpartum psychosis. I found this fascinating, would you take a minute and discuss this? 7.I don’t eat cheese anymore, but when I did, was I an addict? 8. Getting away from cheese is harder than breaking away from other foods. What suggestions can you give us to break this addiction?

Talking Tuesday Q & A with the Starch Queens - May 8, 2018

In this episode, we discuss Keto diet, sunscreen (issues with Oxybenzone and zinc), washing produce, water filters, washing produce, what happens when you go plant- based and lots more!

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