Black Death -- Book/Game Review

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Untold Genius -- James M Spahn's Brilliant New OSR

I review Untold Adventures a Minimalist Fantasy Game by James M Spahn. Finally someone has provided the exactly right version for me, this is the OSR I'll run in future. Thanks Mr. Spahn.

Let's Look at Bloody Basic Classic and Character Generation

What I like about BB Classic, looking at the book and making a character.

Blood & Bronze -- A Book/Game Review & Session Recap

Blood & Bronze is an amazing game and is well worth one's time and money.

My Passion -- The OSR, The Dice and The Purity and Truth of White Box

Chatting about last night, White Box and sharing again, what and why I game the way I do. The Trinity of the OSR: The Random Chargen, The Simple Rule Sets and The Dice are Purity and Truth.

Blood & Bone Reflections Part 1

Sharing my initial thoughts after first session.

A quick and easy review of John M Stater's Quick & Easy Role-playing games: Black Death and Swords & Sandals

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