Haiti Voudou Ceremony Possession

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Guede -voodoo in Little Haiti, Miami-Haitianbeatz.com

Live event

Incredible Video of Voodoo Culture in Benin

Random Vacay goes to Benin, West Africa, and the home of the voodoo religion. We're allowed to film two traditional ceremonies. First up, a spirit appears for the first time in seven years and goes through the village to meet his fellow spirits. Later on, Random Vacay visits a voodoo chief who sacrifices a chicken and calls upon the spirits. This is unadulterated voodoo culture, direct from the religion's traditional home.

I Went to a Voodoo Ceremony and This is What I Saw

Go inside an actual Haitian voodoo ceremony, and meet a real voodoo queen. Circa is here. It's your new way to do news. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/circa Twitter: https://twitter.com/Circa Instagram: https://twitter.com/Circa

Ougan ki lick azakagonaives 2014 plaine du Nord

Haitian dance group

Voodoo Festival: African Dance and Magic

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